My Best Friend | A.I. |

Casey Adams finally got courage to kiss her best-friend since diapers, Ashton Irwin, in the dark of midnight at New Years Eve.

She thought it was a fool proof plan, that since it was dark there was no way that he would ever found out who kissed him.

But fate has a weird way of making things happen. Especially, if it breaks you and your heart.


3. 🌸 Chapter 3 🌸

🌸 Chapter 3 🌸


That morning I decided to just stay of Ashton's radar completely, to avoid any possible awkwardness, I could potentially fit in.

But seeing as he was my best friend and visa versa, it was completely impossible.

Kissing him during New Years was absolutely magical, but right now, I am so regretting it.

The only possible reason why he even kissed me back is the fact he thought that he was kissing some stranger instead of me.

If felt such a relief kissing him but it felt like it wasn't going to end well, for me anyways.

School dragged on as usual, moving in and out to classes, talking when needed to, it was stuff like this that made an excuse not to talk to Ashton all through the day, that is until he decided to make a say about my unusual behaviour during lunch.

Dropping his lunch tray next to my lunch tray, he dropped his bag and sat down next to me.

"So, what's up? Why aren't you talking to me?" He intently looked at me. Not even noticing that his pizza is getting cold.

"N-Nothing." I cleared my throat. My heart beating faster and faster, my chest squeezing tighter and tighter. "Ash I-I don't feel so good."

"Hey, Casey. Are you okay? Casey! Casey! Hey, hey!"

Ashton's protests were being muffled as my world started spinning and the darkness started to fill my eyes.


"She's waking up, darling, you wanna sit next to her?" I heard the soft voice of the school nurse.

Ashton said a polite thanks, as I felt the bed dipped beside me.

Ashton's warm hand clasped my cold one and to sent shivers down my spine.

I slowed pried open my eyes and I saw Ashton, a complete mess yet in the most perfect way possible. His hair was a mess and his clothes were so wrinkled. A giggle escaped from my lips.

"You look like a mess." I croaked.

He scoffed, amused, "And it's all your fault."

"I'm just not feeling well, I'm really sorry Ash." I croaked as my voice cracked.

Ashton chuckled, grabbing the plastic cup to my side, he gently have it to me.

Feeling the cold water run down my mouth, I was so relieved.

"Why? Did you catch a cold? I thought I gave you my jacket last night?" He questioned, softly.

My eyes became big and I had to think of something real fast, even though I'd probably regret it later. "I have mixed feelings."

Ashton looked confused, then I could see something glint in his eyes, like the time he hoped he would get a bullseye during a game of darts.

"About what Casey?" He asked slowly. I'm sorry, Ash. I can't let you find out it was me who kissed you last night.

"About Cade." I looked up at him intently. "I saw him last night and I thought, 'what happened between us?', and I-I dunno I just thought that I might still have feelings for me."

He intently started at me, scanning my face as if he was looking for lies, which I was covered in, but I had to make myself look like I was telling the truth, I can't let him know.

He sighed, defeated before he coldly let go of my hand and stormed out of the infirmary.


Thank you to everyone who left such beautiful comments, like I was a natural writer and please update, it made me smile it's such an incredible feeling. That some people actually take the time to read my story, like its unbelievable. You guys make me smile, thanks so much. And we're only on the 3rd Chapter and I'm already feeling the love, carry on what you're doing guys, thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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