My Best Friend | A.I. |

Casey Adams finally got courage to kiss her best-friend since diapers, Ashton Irwin, in the dark of midnight at New Years Eve.

She thought it was a fool proof plan, that since it was dark there was no way that he would ever found out who kissed him.

But fate has a weird way of making things happen. Especially, if it breaks you and your heart.


2. 🌸 Chapter 2 🌸

🌸 Chapter 2 🌸


Separating myself from him suddenly, the realisation that this amazing moment has to come to a stop before the lights turn back on.

Although, I desperately don't want it to. I love the feeling of his minty breath, his soft lips and how they move in time with mine. The feel of his large hands on my waist. The feeling was even bigger and louder than the fireworks that was going on around us.

I began to walk away but his hand grabbed my wrist.

"Wait." He said, tugging me towards him.

Turning my heels, I walked briskly through the waves of people who were kissing or just enjoying the beautiful sight of the fireworks display.

In the process of my getaway, I bumped into a hard chest. Making me fall backwards, a pair of strong muscular arms pulled me back up with no problem. I somehow managed to have me hands on his shoulders in the meantime.

The luminous lights turned back on and I was faced with an all to familiar face, Cade Black.

"I always knew you would fall for me again." He smirked, suggestively.

I scoffed and harshly pushed him off me, "Never in your wildest dream."

He chuckled lowly. "We've been at this for years now, Chelsea? That's your name, right? How about we relieve all this pent up sexual tension in the bathroom, eh?"

"Yeah, go do that," I suggested. "With your hand." I said bitterly before roughly bumping shoulders with him, while walking past him.

I can't believe I use to go out with the stupid asshole who can't even remember my name.


End of chapter 2


I am so sorry that this was really short but I was so pressed up for time to finally get this chappie up! 😂 Anyways! I hope you like it, and please don't forget to favourite, comment and like! 👌

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