My Best Friend | A.I. |

Casey Adams finally got courage to kiss her best-friend since diapers, Ashton Irwin, in the dark of midnight at New Years Eve.

She thought it was a fool proof plan, that since it was dark there was no way that he would ever found out who kissed him.

But fate has a weird way of making things happen. Especially, if it breaks you and your heart.


1. 🌸 Chapter 1 🌸

🌸 Chapter 1 🌸

❤️ C A S E Y ❤️


I checked my complete look in the mirror. My simple cream lace dress with 3/4 sleeves. My makeup is more on the simpler side, with creamy eyeshadow and a natural line of eyeliner, and the cherry Baby Lips. I wore see-through tights and, something unusual to wear with a dress, black converse. My hair was also in natural waves. Just how I like it.

"C'mon honey! We'll be late for Anne's party, hurry up!" My mom shouted out from downstairs.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" I shouted back from my room as I hurriedly pushed open my closet door to pull out a nice coat, that's enough to help me survive this Winter cold.

I exited my room and jogged down the stairs, careful not to miss a step. I entered my living room and I saw my dad secretly trying to stick a 'kiss me' sign, onto my 6-year-old, brother Jai's back.

As if my dad had grown a sixth sense, he turned to the doorway of the living room and gave me a sly wink, while bringing his index finger to his lips.

I rolled my eyes playfully and chuckled at my fathers antics. Just then, I noticed my Weekend by Burberry perfume on the coffee table. I grabbed a hold of it and squirted some on my neck, my dress and wrists.

"Derek! C'mon get the kids, we gotta get going. It'll be very embarrassing to show up late, as we already are!" I heard my mom call out from the garage.

"Alright you heard your mom," He started, as he picked up Jai. "we gotta get going before that evil dragon eats her."

I made a beeline to the garage where my mom was starting the car. I hopped in my usual seat, in the back behind the drivers seat. My dad set Jai on his booster seat and I helped him clip on the seatbelt.

My dad soon sat himself down in the drivers seat and drove backwards out of the garage. He pressed a button from the remote in his car and the garage door started to role down.

Soon enough, we arrived at Anne's sophisticated house. After getting out of the car, my dad rang the bell with a cheery beat. Anne greeted us at the doorway, with Ashton behind her, holding two glasses of champagne.

He kindly smiled at my parents and handed them the champagne.

The atmosphere in her house was buzzing. With caters going around with metal platters and people chatting and laughing. Anne, yet again, managed to pull off another one of her best sophisticated parties.

"Oh my! Look how big your children has gotten." She bent to take a look at Jai. Her eyes flickered to me and I saw the same fondness I her eyes. She stood up and gave me a big hug. I politely returned the favor.

"Melissa, Derek! I got this renewal I'm my living room and I want your opinion on it!" She suggested, chirpily.

With that, Jai ran off to his friends that had action figures and toys.

"Well, don't you look cute." Ashton playfully smirked at me while looking me up and down. "Nice shoes by the way."

"Why thank you." I said, feeling the blood rush through my pale cheeks.

Ashton and I has been best friends ever since we were born and that was because of the fact that my mom and Ashton's mom has been best friends through high school and college.

I know this is cliche and whatnot, but between the 17 years we've known each other, somewhere in that very long period of time, I fell completely in love with him.

And, of course, like every sad tale, he doesn't know it nor will he ever love me back, well in that kind of way.

So, for the safety of our long term friendship, I have come to terms with that the feelings I have for him, will never be returned.

I've tried and tried to get over him, I really did but, the fact that he's, him makes me fall in love with him every single time.

He flashed me his million dollar smile, with his both dimples popping out, he looked at his watch quickly and his eyes grew wide.

"It's nearly time for the fireworks display. My mom made sure this was the best fireworks display she ever pulled off."

Lacing his hand through mine he gently tugged me to his back yard.

The Winter cold, quickly bit into my skin making me shiver, even with my coat, I still felt like I was going to get hypothermia.

Suddenly, I felt something incredibly warm drape over my shoulders. Ashton's coat. Turned to him in disbelief.

"Ashton no. You'll get cold, no way am I taking this." I went to take it off my Ashton's large hands stopped me.

He smiled reassuringly and said, "It's better for me to be cold then you."

"Casey! Casey! Is that you?!" A very familiar voice cried out. Almost making my eardrums pop open. "I haven't seen you I'm ages. How are you?" Brie asked.

Brie was Ashton's ex-girlfriend. And yes, she was absolutely beautiful, I was jealous. With her skinny waist and long blonde hair, how could Ashton not fall for her?

"I'm fine." I replied, politely. I guess, when I didn't ask how she was doing, she took that I didn't want to talk. And I am so glad that she can take a hint.

But when I turned back to where Ashton was, he wasn't there. Until, I look and he was standing alone, his back against the wall. He looked so good. Amazing even.

The lights outside started to dimmer down.

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6,"

People chanted out. I felt a sudden dose of adrenaline course through my veins and I had this deranged idea to do something fearless and crazy.

I slowly walked in his direction contemplating the idea in my head. But it was no use, my mind had no control of what my body was doing, it was my feelings that were pent up for so long that were controlling me now.

It was now pitch black but I knew exactly where he was.

"5, 4, 3, 2,"

"One." I whispered before gently setting my lips on his. He stayed still obviously shocked from what was going on. I considered giving up but he then became responsive. Placing his calloused hand on my waist, he deepened the kiss. It was a slow and passionate kiss, as if we were savouring each other.


End of chapter 1


Hai 😂 This is my very first story so please don't be afraid to tell me what you think of it! 👌


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