The Worst

It's a complicated romance between two totally opposite people who have more on their plate than worrying about who's checking for them


1. The Day

Ariah POV.

I woke up hearing the maniacs in my living room screaming. I guess they got an early start. I woke my little sister Danise from sleeping on my arm

Danise:Ari, I'm sleepy, 5 more minutes please?

Ariah:C'mon Nise you have to be at school by 7:45

She groaned and I pulled her out of bed and bathed her and got her dressed:A pink black and white thick wool cardigan, black cami, pink skinny jeans, pink hair bow, pink and gold bangles, black timberland boots, silver bow necklace, sparkle bookbag, and put her hair in two loose braids.

Ariah:Go wait in my room.

She bounced away and ran into my room while I showered and got dressed:A black tan red and turquoise tassel cardigan, black v-neck tank crop top, light blue ripped skinny jeans, blue hair bow, black timberland boots, black over sized Michael's purse, gold bangles, gold swirled strike belly jewel, and curled my hair

And we got in my car and pulled off towards her school. The whole time she was asking me all types of questions like, "Are ma and pops gonna get a divorce?" or "Why are they always arguing?" Where she get's them from and all I can answer her is. "I don't know." and it kills me that I can't answer her questions.

I pulled up at her school and we got out and I saw my classmate/lab partner/ cutest guy in school/my crush since the 5th grade Jacob Perez. He smiled. Danise ran off with his sister Karen

I got in my car and drove to school and got out and grabbed my bag from the back seat and my phone fell on the ground. I bent to pick it up and a door swung out and hit my head and I fell to the ground with the driver falling down next to me.. It was Jacob

Jacob:I am so so sorry, Ariah isn't it?

Ariah:Yeah, and I'm fine

Jacob:I'm such an idiot, here let me help you.

He picked me up bridal style and sat me on the back of his pick up truck and took off his bandana and dabbed my head and I saw blood on it and gasped

Jacob:It's okay, it's not that big. E' hand me the first aid.

He got the first aid wiped up the blood, put a bandaid on it and kissed my forehead and we smiled at each other avoiding the awkwardness

Jake:Most girls I know would've fainted.


Jake:Are you doing anything later?

Ariah:No, why?

Jake:I wanted to take you on a date.

Ariah:Well, I'll have to think about it. If thats okay with you?

Jake:For sure.

He smiled and helped me down and I walked to our first period and he came in and sat next to me pushing our desks together and held my hand.

Jake:This is nice.

A kid behind us passing out papers tapped us on the shoulders and Jake frowned and turned around

Jake:Go around

The boy dropped the papers on our desks and ran around and we held hands all period

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