The Artist and the Hunter

Lillia Abbott was a bookaholic and musician (but only sang at coffee shops), and was seemingly normal, but when a series or murders begin, Lillia encounters the Winchesters, and demanding answers, causing her whole mundane life to change. (SamxOC)


1. Chapter 1

I woke up to the sound of an ear piercing siren coming from outside my house, and bright red and blue lights flashing on the walls, brightening my bedroom. I tried closing my eyes to block the lights, but I could see the colors through my eyelids, causing me to groan. Most people would be surprised and rush out to see what is going on, but around here, it was becoming the norm. I didn’t like it, but what could I do? The sheriff was bringing in detective after detective, but none of them could figure anything out, and some that came close to solving the murders, skipped town.

I tried covering my head with my pillow, and it drowned out the light, but now the sound. The police cars were still coming and I guessed there would be three of four of them outside for a few hours. Until they left, I decided to grab some coffee, and a book, and sleep when they’re gone. I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow anyway.

I shrugged my robe on and walked downstairs to the kitchen, and began making some coffee. After that, I went to the bookshelf, trying to find a book I haven’t read.

My book shelf was mass confusion. Even I couldn’t really navigate it, but I haven’t always been the neatest and most organized person in the world. I would pull books off the shelf, and more books would be behind it. By the time, I found one, more books were scattered on the floor than were on the shelf at the moment. Looking around at the mess, I sighed and closed my eyes, dreading cleaning it up.

When I was half way finished, sunlight was already pouring through the windows, and I forgot about sleep, the caffeine from the coffee probably. I had begun to put books on the bottom shelf when someone knocked on the door. I dropped the book and rushed to answer it, tying my robe on the way.

“Hello?” I said, opening the door. “Can I help you?” I asked. Standing in front of me were two men. One of the two was super tall and was smiling at me kindly. The other guy was looking me up and down, trying to be discreet, but was failing miserably. I held back a laugh,

“Hi this Detective Clark and I’m Detective Kent.” The two flashed ID’s for a second before putting them back into the coat pocket. My urge to laugh grew when I heard their last names and I tried to control my voice as I introduced myself.

“Lillia Abbott. So, was it by chance you guys got partnered together?” I asked. The tall one, Detective Kent, laughed.

“Yeah, yeah it was.” He said. I smiled as he did, taking note of his brown-hazel eyes, because of the lighting I couldn’t tell which.

“So, detectives, what can I do for you?”

“Well, we just wanted to ask a few questions about your neighbor, if you don’t mind.” The shorter one, Detective Clark, stated.


“Is it alright if we come inside?” Detective Clark asked.

“Yeah, absolutely.” I backed away, allowing the two men inside.

“Would you like some coffee?” I asked them. Both nodded and they sat down at the kitchen table. I poured the steaming beverage into three cups, grabbed the creamer and sugar, and set it all on the table.

“Here you guys go.” I said, sitting down.

“Thank you.” Detective Kent said, his partner nodding in agreement. Nothing was exchanged for a few moments, and I noticed Detective Kent staring at me. It wasn’t creepy at all, but it did make me a bit self-conscious. I mean, two good looking men knock on your door to talk to you and your in TARDIS pajama pants, a tank top, and a robe. It’s not the best.

Detective Clark cleared this throat. “So, about your neighbor.” The other detective and I looked at him. I shook my head.

“Well, I really didn’t know too much about him. We only talked a couple of times. He was a great guy, though. He mowed yards around the neighborhood, and he always waved and said hi when I saw him outside on my way to work. Other than that, I’m afraid I can’t help you.”

“Did you notice anything, unusual about him the past couple of days? Anything out of the ordinary?”

I shook my head again.

“No, not that I’m aware of.”

“What about his wife? Can you tell us anything about her?”

“We talk every once and a while. My mom babysat their daughter, Bethany after I had moved out.”

“What about her?” Detective Clark asked, leaning forward in his chair.

“Sweet as can be, smart. I didn’t know her too well.”

“You’re kind of a recluse, aren’t you?” Detective Clark asked, smiling a little.

“A bit is an understatement.” I laughed. They chuckled and we sat in silence for a few moments before Detective Clark spoke again.

“Do you know of anyone else that may have some information for us?”

“I have a friend who works at the morgue. I don’t know if she’ll be any help to you guys or not.”

“It might, actually.” Detective Kent spoke up.

“Well, I’m glad I could at least give you that much. Sorry I wasn’t much help.” I apologized, but the two were already shaking their heads.

“Don’t worry about it, you’re fine.” Detective Clark said.

They rose from their chairs and I walked them to the door.

“Thank you for your time.” Detective Kent said.

“No problem.”  I replied as they walked out. I shut the door and headed back to the bookshelf.

The rest of the day was uneventful. I ate lunch, watched a movie, at dinner a read a book, and then watched another movie. I was on my third one of the night, when I heard a knock at the door.

“Hello, again.” Detective Kent said, smiling like the first time. “Long time no see.” He joked. “You haven’t changed a bit.” I laughed at his comment. I was still in my TARDIS pajama pants and tank top.

“What can I do this time?” I asked.

“You said you had a friend who works at the morgue?”



“Yup.” Cassie said, looking at the body.

The guys asked me to come with them, hoping that I could talk Cassie into letting them see the body, if their badges didn’t work, although I couldn’t see why they wouldn’t. But Cassie was stubborn and she took her job seriously, so of course it took some coaxing to let them in.

His feet and hands were cut off and on the body’s chest was a weird looking symbol. I had no clue what it meant, or if it even meant anything at all, but the two apparently knew something, judging by the way they looked at each other.

“What is it?” I asked. They both turned to me.

“Nothing. Do you two mind if we talked in private?” Detective Kent asked. Cassie and I left the room.

“Lillia!” She whispered loudly as soon as we were in the hallway, obviously noticing that I purposely kept the door cracked.


“It’s rude to eaves drop.” She said.

“You’re not my mother. And I want to know what’s going on. He was my neighbor.”

“You barely knew him.”

“Still!” I said, leaning towards the door.

“Whatever.” Cassie sighed, running a hand through her long, black hair.

“-amazon?” Detective Kent asked.

“It’s kind of obvious, Sam.”

“It doesn’t make sense anyway.” I said, sighing, as I slid down the wall, sitting down on the floor. Cassie rolled her eyes at me.

“Wasted your time.” She laughed.

“Shut up.” I said, laughing a little too as the door swung open.

“I think we’ve seen all that we need to. Thank you again, Cassie.” They said. I rose from the floor, dusting myself off, and walked out with them.

They dropped my off at my house, telling me to keep thinking about his wife, so I did.

That night, right before bed, I remembered that right after she went on vacation, taking her daughter with her. It seemed like she skipped town, but I didn’t know. I wanted to share the information with the two detectives, so I called the police department, asking for Detective Kent and Detective Clark. The officer on the phone chuckled, saying there was no one that worked there by those names. I mentioned Sam, the name I heard earlier, but they said the same thing.

The next day, they came back, asking if I remembered anything.

“Who are you guys?” I asked.

“We told you, I’m Detective Clark this-“

“Yeah, well you can cut the crap. I remembered something and called, asking for you two, but the officer said there was no one working there by that name. I’ve told you guys the truth thus far, I ask for the same.” The two exchanged glances and both sighed, their shoulders falling as them came out of a professional pose.

“We’re from out of town.” The shorter one said, regaining his posture and nodding like he was agreeing with himself. The tall one shook his head.

“Dean-“He said. ‘Dean’ looked at him.

“What?” he said, but the other one ignored him.

“I’m Sam, this is Dean. We’re brothers.”

“Okay. So why are you here with fake ID’s and pretending to be detectives?” I asked.

They didn’t say anything immediately. They just looked at each other, like they were waiting for the other one to answer.


“You’re joking. You know, you guys are hilarious. You should write books.” I said.

“We’re not joking.” Sam said, keeping a straight face.

“Actors too. You guys are really staying in character.” I laughed a little, but they didn’t join me. I frowned.

“What?” I asked as they both stared at me, never breaking eye contact and their faces were serious. I could usually tell when people aren’t telling the truth, or are hiding something, but these guys showed no signs of lying.

“You’re serious?” I asked. They nodded. I didn’t speak. What in the world do you say after that?!

“Wow.” I said, mentally face palming myself. I could have said something else, I knew that, but that was all that came out. “So, what now?” I asked.

Dean shrugged. This whole conversation he sat back, looking at Sam with a slightly annoyed expression on his face. I could tell he wasn’t too happy with his brother.

“So nothing. We figure this out, leave town, and you go back to living your life as a recluse.” He said. My eyebrows came together, partly out of annoyance at Dean’s harsh tone, but also out of confusion.

“So, you guys are going to tell me all this, and just leave like nothing ever happened, and I’m supposed to forget.” They nodded. I scoffed, leaning back in my chair, crossing my arms. “No way.”

“What do you mean?” Sam asked.

“There is no way that I’m just going to forget. I don’t want to!”
They look at me confused, so I continued.

“I read books all of the time, because my life is so boring. Now I know there is more out there than what I thought, so there is no way I’m just going to forget they exist. Where’s the fun in that?”

At this, Dean smiled a little, but it quickly turned into a frown again as the room fell silent, Sam looking over to Dean ever couple of seconds.

After a few facial expressions were exchanged between the two, they both rose from their chairs.

“Well, now you know everything.” Sam said, sliding a torn piece of paper across the island. After they had risen from their chairs and walked out of the door, I began washing dishes when Sam came back inside.

I took the slip of paper in my hand and smiled at him.

“Thanks for telling me.” I responded. He nodded as if to say ‘you’re welcome’ and began to head for the door. I was turning back to the sink when he stopped in his tracks, turning around again.

“Hey, are you doing anything tonight?” he asked. I shook my head.

“Not that I’m aware of. Why?”

“I was wondering if you would like to have dinner with me.” He asked, looking nervous. I smiled, but my face fell quickly remembering his brother.

“What about Dean? He doesn’t seem to like me too much.” I stated. Sam sighed.

“He’ll come around, I’m sure. Dean is just Dean.”

I thought about it for a moment. I had nothing else to do and I really like Sam. He was nice and not to mention he was handsome…very handsome.

“So, what do you say?” Sam asked. I blinked and shook my head after realizing that I was staring. I looked down at my feet as blood pooled in my cheeks.

“Yeah, yeah I’d like that a lot, actually.”

My answer seemed to boost his confidence a little, but also take him aback.

“Really?” he asked. I nodded.

“Yeah, of course.” I smiled at him. He smiled back.


“So…” I repeated. He laughed a little. “What time?” I asked. He thought for a moment.

“Would six work?”

“Six would be great.” 

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