My Lucky Break

I'm Emily-Mai, and I'm a budding actress. When an audition goes horribly wrong I'm plunged into a world so different its similar. A parallel universe maybe. And I'm this universe all my dreams come true, but one.


1. The Audidition

Some days are normal, others however, are not. And I woke up today knowing that this day (Tuesday 11th April) would be far, very far from normal. The day started being abnormal from the very begininghe way the birds sand there morning song, to the way Luchia (my little sister, more about her later) was running around the house naked screaming 'I EAT SNOW'. She's five, don't judge, we all did that didn't we? Okay, only me?

Then, as a usual routine I first checked my phone for texts and then for emails. This was a habit I got unto doing ever since I've been applying for acting jobs, that all started when I was twelve, so with me being seventeen now. Its been a while. Only today it was different, there it was, lying in my inbox. The thing that would alter my reality. In the only was humanly possible, or was it humanly possible?

It was an email, one for a job. And the audition was only in Manchester. This was perfect! There was only one small hitch. The audition was tomorrow, and that was when my driving test was booked.

"EMIY-MAI!" I heard a voice say, probably my sister.

"Emz, please can you walk Luchia to school? Me and your dad need to get to work!" that was Mom, her boss is my Dad but she still likes to impress him. So then that leaves me to do the school run with Luchia. And with the fact that all of my sixth form lessons don't start till nine and they finish at two. I'm always around to pick Luchia up or go to auditions, Mom likes to take advantage of that.

"Coming!" I yell back, hurtling down the stairs with my frizzy hair whipping behind. At the bottom of the stairs stood my little sister, she was the splitting image of Mum while I was the splitting image of Dad. She shad the generic blonde hair and blue eyes that comes from Mum's side of the family while I had the dark brown nearly black fuzzy, curly hair with green eyes from Dad. She had her electric pink tights on and she was already whining about being late. That's Luchia, she has to be on time if not five minutes early for anything, even though she can't yet count up to twenty. I grabbed her hand and flew out the door not even leaving her time to say goodbye to Mom and dad, I had to re-schedule my driving test, and fast! We arrived at the school with only two minutes to spare, I quickly kissed her goodbye and pushed her into the open arms of a weather warn looking teacher. And raced home, when I got there I saw that Mom and dad had gone and they had left me a note telling me not pick Luchia up as they were taking her to a party afterwards.

Sighing, I walked up the stairs and glanced at my watch, it was only half eight so I had plenty of time. Grabbing my phone off my bedside table I scrolled through my contacts to find the one for my driving school, and cancelled my appointment. I then re-scheduled my driving test for the twenty-second of April. I then replied to the email saying that I would be there. I flipped over an fell asleep on my bed, still in my shoes.

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