The bite of '87

A Five Nights At Freddy's Fanfic..



I stepped out of the car and down on the concrete, that was the parking lot. She took my hand and we started to walk over the entrance. “Now you have to promise me one thing!” I looked at her, wondering over her next sentence. “You must promise me that, you’ll have FUN!” She took ahold of me and made me fly around in her arms while she was saying ‘fun’. She put me down, whilst laughing, and then we walked together, over to the doors of the place. I looked at the giant sign over the doors. ‘Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria’ it said...

It was Wendy’s birthday, and her mom finally earned enough money to celebrate at the pizzeria! We entered and I took at stroll around the room. It was a giant game area with a scene and banners and lots and lots of more stuff! It looked amazing!! There also were some entrances to the ‘party rooms’ as they were called, it was also there that the big attraction held place! We walked through the doors to where Wendy and the rest of the ‘assemble’ where gathered.

“I have to go to work now sweetie, but remember our deal, okay?” she went down on one knee and laid her hand on my cheek to do a small clap, before she exited the room. I walked over to the table where the party was held and laid the gift on the table. “Hello buddy, ready to have the party of your life?” It was Wendy’s mom who had tried to come in contact with me, but I wasn’t really that good of a ‘talker’, so I just looked at her wondering, you could tell that she found it a bit creepy... “Well.. Let’s start by opening the gifts!” Yaaaaaay roamed all around the room, when she said that magical word. Wendy had her hair up in pigtails and wore a pretty blue dress. She started to open the first present, I think it was from Quatania. Quie was from India, but she moved here a few years ago. Quie was always really creative so she had made a gift for Wendy, herself.

 After all the gifts were opened, we continued the party by eating pizza and playing a lot of different games. We were really tired after the last game, so we decided to take a look at the Freddy Fazbear Band! There were three mascots, Bonnie who played the guitar, Chica as a kind of backup singer and then.. Crème deli crème! Freddy Fazbear! They played an ice cream truck-like melody, with a few pauses where they brought some announcements, which was stuff like ‘Foxys show is about to start’ and ‘today is Wendy’s birthday, remember to say CONGRATZ’.

After some time Wendy walked up to Foxy, his eyes did not look right at her, in fact they refused; they slowly turned right and snapped back to left, over and over.
The little girl asked him if he was okay. There was not even a glitched phrase, he just twitched his head. The little Wendy’s mom came over, she looked at the broken fox and told her daughter to go and get some pizza, at first she refused, Wendy’s mom then told her to “Keep back now.”

The fox’s eyes snapped right at Wendy’s mom, she looked right back. Sounds of machinery grinding its gears came from Foxys chest.

The fox’s twitchy jaws came down on the father’s head; the loud crunch silenced the room. For a brief moment, nothing happened; it was quiet enough to hear the blood dripping on the floor. Then all at once, the little girl screamed, a mother screamed to her god, an employee dropped all they were holding in shock, children ran to their parents out of fear. A technician ran out of the staff quarters and up to the fox and tried to pry the metal clamps open. He struggled, another employee ran over to help, nothing.

The technician pulled out a wire cutter, the children still screaming, they ran away from Freddy when he came near, and Chica and Bonnie, Parents dragged their children out of the pizzeria. I just looked confused and terrified on the machinery, because.. I didn’t have anyone to run too. All of my friends ran away with their hands surrounded by their parents’ hands. Wendy had fallen down on the floor screaming but.. I didn’t know what to do! I sat with my soda in my hands, stiff like a statue! I looked closely at Foxy, who still had his jaws around Wendy’s mom’s forehead. The technician tried to cut the wires, but his cutter was too weak. I walked over to the others, still having my eyes on foxy. “Little boy, stand back please!” I didn’t listen...

 I looked into Foxys eyes.. He was finally looking back at me...

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