The waitress

Justin Bieber he's a famous rock star that gets $100 for send a tweet but on the other hand Michaera is struggling to make $50 so she becomes a waitress...


2. the kiss..

justin: im staying here.... for about a year


When i heard this news i felt happy but sad at the same time because I want to see Justin everyday but I haven't seen him in 6 years and I'm afraid that he might have changed. Gosh I still remember when Justin left it was the saddest day of my life...



I was crying into Justin's chest all morning not wanting to believe that he's leaving today. Last night he slept over and I didn't let go of him all night.


Justin: Michaera you do know that I have to go in half an hour right?


As soon as he said that it felt that a knife stabbed me in the back. Didn't he care?


Michaera: aren't you upset?


Justin: of course I care I'm as upset as you are


Michaera: oh okay...


Half an hour later scooter was outside and he honk the car horn to remind Justin that he needed to go.


Justin: well, that's my queue


Michaera: yeah I guess so


We walked out and scooted nodded at Justin saying that he can say good bye to me.


Michaera: Justin, I know that-


I was interrupted when Justin smashed him lips onto mine after a couple moments I kissed back and after a while he pulled away and hugged me and walked to the car. When they drove off I couldn't look u because I didn't want Justin to see me cry when they drove of I ran inside and hugged my mum so she whispered in my ear saying that its going to be okay.


That night I cried myself to sleep.



I miss you Justin Drew Bieber.























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Stay Fab xx

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