The waitress

Justin Bieber he's a famous rock star that gets $100 for send a tweet but on the other hand Michaera is struggling to make $50 so she becomes a waitress...


1. the cafe

As I served an elderly lady a coffee I thought to myself 'I can't believe I'm in this position, being a waitress at 16' I sighed at the thought of me working here for the rest of my life


When I walked back to the kitchen, the the cafe I leaned on the bench and waiting for the next order. That's when Joe (the manager) called me out.


Michaera: yes,boss


Joe: guess who's here


Michaera: umm.. I don't know. Who?


Joe: Justin Drew Bieber!


When I heard his name I froze because I grew up with Justin before he became famous and I haven't seen him in ages so when I heard his name I ran out looking for him when I saw his eyes and he saw mine he jumped up from his seat and ran over and gave me a hug I jumped up on his waist and buried my head in his neck. And no we're not dating everyone thought that but it just never happened.


Michaera: I missed you so much


I cried as I jumped down from his waist, I can't believe that Justin's here. I haven't seen him since we were like 13 so I can't wait to catch up with him


Justin: haha ,I missed you


Michaera: so, how long are you here for


I asked as we went back to his table were him and scooter sat, I waved to scooter and he waved back and we said hi.

Justin: uhh... about that I need to tell you something





















A/N hi guys I know this is a short chapter but I have to go to netball and ill update either later this week or early next week


Stay Fab xx




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