Band jealousy

Come on a brutal love story of Savannah Hill, she has her ups and downs with her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend and maybe even a couple relationships with the boys.


6. Opening Act

Bands POV:

Today is our first night opening for One Direction on the Were We Are Tour, we all are so nervous but luckily we have our beautiful best friend Savannah in the audience to cheer us on, of course we are nervous all the time before going on stage but because it's the first night for the WWAT it makes us about 3 times as nervous 😁

Savannah's POV

I'm so so so exited for tonight I'm seeing my 2 favourite bands ever in the same night what could get better ahi? Well maybe the fact that my best friends are in 5 seconds of summer, but lately they all have been acting weird around me like something is going on and they are all arguing about the same thing I just really don't get it.

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