Band jealousy

Come on a brutal love story of Savannah Hill, she has her ups and downs with her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend and maybe even a couple relationships with the boys.


7. Heart Broken

Savannah's POV

A month ago Christian and I bought a apartment together we are the happiest we have ever been out of our 6 months together.

A week later ~ I walk into my shared apartment, "Christian" I called, no answer I called again "Christian" still no answer so I yelled "CHRISTIAN" and still no answer.

But then I heard some moaning coming from our bedroom up stairs, my heart sank a little but then I shook it off saying to myself “don't worry Savannah your just hearing things, your head is playing with you” I walked up stairs and opened the door.

God I couldn't have been more wrong I just stared at what was going on in front of me also with the tears in my eyes stinging my them, my tears soon trended into sobbing, soon enough Christian turned around to see what the sobbing noise was.

You quickly turned around as fast as you could and ran down the stairs to the door grabbing your wallet, phone and keys on the way again as fast as you could while Christian tried running after you yelling “PLEASE BABE LET ME EXPLAIN, IT WAS A MISTAKE I WAS DRUNK AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY I STARTING FUCKING HER AGAIN THIS MORNING, I SHOULDN'T HAVE TAKEN ADVANTAGE THAT YOU WERE STAYING WITH YOUR FRIENDS LAST NIGHT TO GET DRINK AND HAVE SEX WITH SOME RANDOM SLUT, PLEASE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH” and soon he was also in tears.

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