What I Thought Was Fake

My crazy sister forced me to pretend to be a makeup artist to give her a chance to meet 5 Seconds of Summer because she loves them. She gives me the fake name of Abby, but my real name is Avery. This won't end well.


3. 3

Avery's POV

We are at the airport waiting for our plane to come and Bailey is freaking out. I don't get what's the big deal with these guys. They are just another Backstreet Boys. "Please board the plane now, as we will be leaving soon." Said the loudspeaker. We walked to board 69. When we got there, some kids were pointing at the number, giggling. I rolled my eyes and we sat down at the seats. "I can't believe we are going to meet 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER!!!" Bailey said and everyone stared at her. "Sorry, she is going to a concert and she's going to meet them. She is a crazed fangirl so I apologize." I lied, but kinda didn't. They all nodded as if they know someone like that. "Please gather your belongings and enter the plane, as we will be leaving to Los Angeles, California soon." The lady at the front desk said. We showed the woman our tickets and went inside the plane. This was going to be a long ride.


When we got to the airport in LA, everything was completely different than home. Here it's sunny and warm, and at home it was nothing but grey skies and cold temperatures. It seems sucking were we live, but the view of the sunset is beautiful. Bailey was fanning herself, freaking out again. We rented a car, and drove to our hotel room that Hi or Hey payed for. Apparently it was a five star resort, so this trip won't be as crazy and horrible as I thought. We got to our luxurious hotel room and dropped our heavy bags. We stopped to gaze at the beautiful room with two king sized beds, a shiny vanity, a beautiful view in the balcony, and fancy bathroom. This place really is a five star hotel room! "Okay, so tomorrow we have to go to the video shoot, and you'll get settled up. You are like, a makeup master, right?" Bailey asked and I nodded. At home, during the school year, I worked at a salon doing makeup and everyone requested for their makeup to be done by me. I thought I was horrible, but I then got millions of promotions and requests for me to do their makeup. So, I guess Bailey is right. I'm a makeup master, not to be conceded or anything. We went to eat and apparently there was a buffet. Bailey and I felt like we were going to explode after that, because we ate so much. Then, we chilled at the pool and went to sleep in our room. The next day, I woke up to the feeling of silly spray on my face. "BAILEY! WHAT THE HELL?" I shouted and got up to see Bailey running around the room jumping and dancing. "TIME TO MEET 5SOS TIME TO MEET 5SOS TIME TO MEET 5SOS!!!!!" Bailey screamed. I laughed, took a shower, got dressed and we went to the buffet to eat. "So, now that we've eaten, where is the video shoot?" I asked Bailey as we were walking to the car. "Well, I'll put the directions in the GPS of the car." Bailey said. I drove to the place which had two security guards with their arms folded in front of the fence. "You got your IDs?" One guys asked. I nodded and I showed my ID, trying not to look nervous. The other guy nodded and let us in the venue for the Good Girls music video. We saw a bunch of people, and one man headed towards us. "Hello there! My name is Isaac, and I am the director of this music video. I'll lead you to your makeup area and you can get your stuff together and start doing 5 Seconds of Summer's makeup! You are Abby? Correct?" Isaac asked. I nodded. "Okay, and this is your friend?" He asked. "Sarah, and I am her sister." She lied. I guess she got a fake ID for herself and name herself Sarah? I don't know really but I hope that she did or else she'll be in big trouble. "Okay then! This right here is your makeup area! So good luck!" Isaac said with his thumbs up and he walked away. I put my bag on the table in front of the mirror and drank some water. I was calm, unlike Bailey. Obviously she couldn't freak out because we could get kicked out and I know that she will really hate herself, but she was panting like a dog. "Calm down, calm down. Here, have some water." I said. I gave her the water bottle and she chugged it all down. I sighed and grabbed the water bottle to throw out. When I got back, a boy with a blonde quiff sat down on the chair. Bailey's eyes went wide and she mouthed to me saying "That's Luke the singer!" I actually understood her because I'm really good at reading mouths. A weird talent, I know. "Hey!" Luke said, and I grabbed the makeup. "Hi. So I'll be doing your makeup today. My name is Abby." I said and I saw Bailey staring at him. "And I'm Sarah. I love you guys so much and your music is incredible!" Bailey blurted out and I face palmed myself. "Aw thanks! We love you too!" Luke said and smiled at her. "I'm sorry if she gets a bit crazy. She's my sister and she is crazy about you guys." I explained to Luke. He nodded and gazed at her eyes. "Okay, so I'm going to start now! Try to keep your face still unless I tell you not to which will probably happen with the eye shadow." I said.

Luke's POV

I don't know what it was but there was something about Sarah that made me go crazy in love with her. I stared at her the entire time Abby was doing my makeup and she was freaking out. It wasn't because she was a fan of me, but something about her personality and her beauty just hit me like a rock. Abby was doing a really good job with my makeup, and Michael stopped to look. "Don't forget the red lipstick, miss." Michael said to Abby and I gave him a death glare as he chuckled. "Oh don't worry, that was coming up next." Abby joked, I hope. Sarah giggled and it was the cutest thing ever. About fifteen minutes later Abby was finished. "Done! It looks great on you! Good luck with the music video!" Abby said cheerfully and I got up and walked towards Sarah as Calum sat down at the chair and Abby introduced herself and started doing his makeup. "Hi!" I greeted Sarah and her eyes got wide. I chuckled. "H-h-h-hi!" She said shivering. I gave her a hug and she froze. "Do you want to hang out sometime tonight?" I asked her and I thing she almost fainted before I caught her from falling. She laughed of embarrassment as her face got red. "Totally! That would be fun!" Sarah said as we both smiled and I gave her my number. "Shall I pick you up at 6:30 this evening?" I asked her and she nodded quickly. "Luke! Come here! We just put a woopy cushion on Ashton's drum seat and he is about to sit on it!" Michael yelled. I smiled at Sarah and ran to where Michael was.

Bailey's POV

Lucas Robert Hemmings just asked me out on a date at 6:30 tonight. That means I might as well leave now to look for something hot to wear. But I don't want to miss this amazing experience! I'm going to stay and hag with the band. I walked around and introduced myself to the rest of the band and told them how much I loved them. They all thanked me and got a picture with me and we all had fun. "Hey, Sarah! Since you are here, do you want to be an extra in the music video?" Ashton asked and I nodded excitedly. I feel bad for Avery. She is just sitting there doing people's makeup and I'm having fun with my idols which is awesome! After part one of the music video shoot, we get a day off tomorrow. So if things go well today with Luke, we might be able to hang out tomorrow too!!!!!!! I went to Avery to cheer her up, and then I was called to change into my outfit for the video. So I did, and the video was super fun. This is and will be the best day of my whole life.

Hi guys it's Nicole and I hope you are enjoying the story so far!!! I'm sorry that Calum, Michael and Ashton were not in this chapter very much which is heartbreaking, because Michael is my life. But I promise that they will be in this story so much! They'll be in the chapters a lot from now and on! So enjoy lovelys!!!!!!

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