What I Thought Was Fake

My crazy sister forced me to pretend to be a makeup artist to give her a chance to meet 5 Seconds of Summer because she loves them. She gives me the fake name of Abby, but my real name is Avery. This won't end well.


2. 2

Bailey's POV

I was so happy that Avery said yes. She's such a pristine little girl, and when I saw that parking ticket on her bed that evening, I knew I could take advantage of that. And now, I might have a chance to marry Luke!!!! I was the bad sister, by the way. When mom and dad left for work trips, I would be downstairs getting drunk with friends and she would be upstairs listening to music and studying. I'm 18, which is the perfect age for Luke. It was Friday, so I needed to take Avery to Duke to get her fake ID. We went downtown to a small little shop. I opened the door to see Duke sitting in the back room smoking. "You shouldn't be smoking inside. In fact, you shouldn't be smoking at all. It's horrible for your health." Avery said. I face palmed my self. Sometimes it can get really annoying how good she is. "Whatever. Hey, Bailey." Duke said getting touchy with me. I slapped his hand away from me. "I want nothing but an ID for Avery." I said protectively. He grunted and took Avery and I to the back room. He had a tripod with a camera on it. "Sit down." Duke said sitting her down. "Smile, beautiful." Duke said. Avery reluctantly smiled, seeming uncomfortable. I understand that. Duke is a drug addict. He took the picture. "Come back in an hour and a half and 'Abby' will come to life." Duke said. So we then left the small shop. "Wanna go to Forever 21? They're having a sale!" I said excitedly. "No thanks, I used up my allowance on books and paint." Avery said. "Can I take you out tonight? To you know, get out of your annoying little good girl self? It'll be fun!" I said. She sighed. "No way. All I'm accepting is Forever 21 then." Avery said. "Okay, then let's go!" I said, grabbing her wrist and running her to the car. We need to get rid of this nerdy little look. When we got to Forever 21, I picked up some short shorts and showed her. "Nope. No way. Not gonna happen." She said and I shrugged, grabbing my phone and pretending to call mom. "Hey mom I need to tell you something." I said into the phone as Avery's eyes grew wide and she snatched the phone from me and I smirked. "Let me give you a makeover! It'll totally make you look better." She shook her head and I shrugged again, picking up my phone. Avery grabbed my wrist. "Fine! Okay, fine. Do whatever." She said and I squealed. After 30 minutes we went home to chill for a while. I went to my room and I started thinking about how dumb I am to think a famous person would love me. I started crying into my pillow, loud sobs coming out.

Avery's POV

I went to my room once we got home and I searched up "5 Seconds of Summer" and they weren't as bad as I thought they would be. When I turned off my computer, I heard crying. I went to look in Bailey's room and I saw her in the bathroom, taking a lot of pills. "Bailey! Stop it!" I said, smacking the bottle of pills out of her hand before she could swallow the pills. "Why?" Is all I had to ask. "Because, I realized that I'm in love with a person who doesn't know me, and I have put you through pain. So I'm done putting anyone else through pain. For good." She said, trying to snatch the bottle out of my hands. "No, Bailey, I'm going to do this if you are going to do that if I don't. We can try and see if he will notice you. I promise." I said. She nodded with tears in her eyes, and I hugged her. She hugged me back, tears still falling. "Trust me, Bailey, this can work. But I never want to see you doing this ever again." I said. She nodded. "Okay, let's go. It's been an hour and 25 minutes. We should go now if we are going to walk." Bailey said. When we got to the shop, Duke handed me the fake ID. Duke held his hand out and Bailey sighed. She took out $10 and he groaned. "What no kiss?" He said as we were leaving. "Kiss the shrub!" Bailey said when we went out the door. "Okay, I'll prepare your application. You can go to the library and I'll text you saying if they accepted the application." Bailey said. So we split apart. I headed to the library and she headed home. I grabbed some books and one peeked out at me. "How to improvise!" Was the title. "Perfect!" I said happily, but quietly. I went to the front desk. "How to improvise?" The Lily, my best friend and the librarian asked. "Yes, I'm taking acting classes now so I'll need this to practice." I lied. "Oh, seems cool! Enjoy Avery!" Lily said. Lily is like, 19 and she's pretty cool. "Thanks Lily! See you!" I said and went outside. Buzz buzz. I got a text message.

Bailey: plan is going into motion! U got accepted! :D

Me: cool. I'll come home now then, and you'll tell me the information I'll need to know.

Bailey: kk

I turned off my phone and walked home. I accidentally bumped into someone and dropped that book from the library. "Watch where you're going, dork." She said. I looked up to see Mellissa. The biggest and most popular (for some reason) brat in the school. "Excuse me but I have eyes to focus on stuff, like books. Unlike you because you probably don't know what a book is." I said to her. "You better watch your mouth...Avery? Huh! Nerdy Avery? It's been so long since I saw your ugly face!" She said smiling. "Oh yeah hey Mellissa! Oh, and I like the Barbie costume. You do know that it's August though, right? Oh yeah I forgot. You can't count!" I said and walked off. I heard a voice. "This isn't over nerdy Avery! You'll regret this so much!" She said and I laughed. I liked making popular bullies angry. It was the best thing to do. I don't get scared of them, I just show them that they are just valley girl idiots who need to know that smart people unlike them don't have to bow down to their crappy throne. I went inside my house and heard Bailey squealing. I smiled because, I knew that she was happier now. I went to her room to see her doing a happy dance. "What's going on?" I said laughing at her ridiculous dance. "They said you can bring a family member! Which is meeeee!" She screamed. "We take the next plane to LA tomorrow morning so start packing!" She said . Oh and, my parents are traveling the world. My parents are kinda like the Thornberry parents! (If you are confused, search up on google 'the wild thronberrys and then you'll get it.) they travel the world and my mom records my dad making shows about the ocean. So they are going to be gone for a long time. I went to my room and started to pack. I could already hear Bailey singing to She Looks So Perfect. Oh god, what have I gotten myself into.....

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