What I Thought Was Fake

My crazy sister forced me to pretend to be a makeup artist to give her a chance to meet 5 Seconds of Summer because she loves them. She gives me the fake name of Abby, but my real name is Avery. This won't end well.


1. 1

Avery's POV

"Come on Avery! Please please please?!" Bailey, my sister asked me. "No way! Why do you want me to do this anyways? Pretending to be a makeup artist named Abby is just crazy! Like you!" I said. "Because! If you pretend to be a makeup artist, then you can send the 5SOS company 'Hi or Hey' an application to be their makeup artist, and if they accept you, you can meet 5 Seconds of Summer! And then I can meet 5 Seconds of Summer! And then Luke will fall in love with me and then we will get married and spend a happy lifetime together! Duh!" Bailey said as if she told me about a normal plan. "You are crazy. I'm not doing it." I said, and she raised an eyebrow. "Oh really. Well, if you don't, I'll tell mom and dad that you got 3 parking tickets in their car this month!" Bailey said. "I payed for all of them already!" I said. "They still won't be pleased that you got 3 tickets in only one month though, aren't they?" She said. I sighed, and put my hand through my hair. "Okay, fine. When does the plan come into motion?" I said, annoyed that she knew about the parking tickets. I'm not a bad driver, it's just that I'm really bad at parallel parking. Oh, I'm 17 by the way. But I'll be 18 in 3 months. "On Friday, we are going to get you a fake ID. Don't ask, I just know some guys. And you won't go to jail, and neither will I. The guy I know has done this for years and his customers have never gotten caught. So neither will we." Bailey said. Sometimes I wonder if she is secretly on drugs. She really talks like she is sometimes. This is going to be a horrible summer.

Hi guys! Nicole here! I hope you enjoyed this short (sorry about that) chapter! If this doesn't update in a while, I'm sorry. I'm writing 3 other stories, (check out "How Did We End Up Here", "The Director's Daughter", and "Love Through a Screen"!) and I'm on school. So that's a lot of work to do. Don't worry though, I'll try my best to write as much as possible!!!!

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