Royal Love

A school for the royals. Where princesses and princes attend.


Tori Anderson. Riley Webster. Amber Kingsley. Erin Walker.

Four girls attending a school for royalty.

There definitely will be laughter, drama and Royal Love...


2. 2

👣riley webster👣

Duffel bag hanging off my shoulder. Soccer ball in my hand. Soccer boots in the other. This year is going to be a breeze.

Stuff royalty! I want to be a soccer player.

Then something bumps into me, causing me to drop all my things. "Dude! What the hell!"

I shake my head and lift it to see a person with messy black hair and enticing brown eyes.

He picks up all my things and hand them to me. "Sorry 'bout that."

"Well next time, watch it." I warn the boy before rushing off.


I knock the door to my dorm room. "Hey! Anyone here?"

"Oh hi!" A girl with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes bounce up to me. "You must be princess of Landonia, Princess Riley."

"And you must be..." I trail off.

"Erin. Princess of Calbia." She beams at me.

Erin nudges me at a brunette who had piercing green eyes, which seem to stare at your soul.

"Tori, this is Riley, princess of Landonia." Erin introduces me to the brunette.

"Hey. Nice to meet you." She shyly smiles at me.

"Sup." I reply and throw my duffel bag onto an empty bed.

"Just princess of Etopia left." Erin says and just on time, the door opens.


🎀amber kingsley🎀

I twirl my colourful hair. I had dyed it with the colours. Red. Orange. Green. Yellow. Blue. Purple. Pink.

I'm wearing my favourite jeans and band t-shirt with shoes that have spikes on it.

I open the door as I munched on the gum that is being squashed under my teeth.

Then I was attacked. "OMG! Princess of the rebels! Amber Kingsley!"

A petite girl jumps up down in front of me.

"Don't freak out. She's like that." A princess wearing soccer attire shrugs at me.

"Okay?" I raise my brow. "Well I'm Amber, as you probably already know."

"I'm Riley." Soccer girl grins at me.

"Hi Amber." A girl shyly says to me. "My name is Tori."

"And that's Erin." Riley nods at the said girl.

"We're going to have so much fun!" Erin squeals loudly, resulting me to cover my ears from busting my ear drum.

"Yeah, it's going to be so much fun!" I say, feigning enthusiasm.

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