Royal Love

A school for the royals. Where princesses and princes attend.


Tori Anderson. Riley Webster. Amber Kingsley. Erin Walker.

Four girls attending a school for royalty.

There definitely will be laughter, drama and Royal Love...


1. 1

💞tori anderson💞

I stare at the school in amazement. I try to straighten my crinkled dress.

"Am I dreaming?" I say to myself. "An ordinary girl attending a prestigious school for the royals."

I whip out a piece of paper, with small tears at the end. I smile at it and hold it tight.

My little sister had drawn a picture of me, as a princess.

Alice, my six year old sister. She's a beautiful girl who sadly is a victim to leukemia.

Then a man wearing a navy blue uniform hastily rushes up to me.

"Let me take this for you Miss." He grabs my luggage and races off, before I could reject his offer.

I have no choice but to follow him.

Once I step inside, I gaze at the place in awe. Wealthy and rich items decorated the room. Actually, the whole room is bigger than my own home.

Students are wearing just plain fancy clothes, probably designer, while I'm wearing the most fanciest dress I've got, which did not compare to theirs.

"Excuse me, Miss." The man smiles at me. "What is your dorm number?"

"I believe it is 427." I scrunch up my nose, trying to jog my memory a bit.

After taking the elevator, we land on my level. Doors lined up on each side of the wall.

I scan each other, looking for my dorm. 423. 424. 425. 426.

"Aha!" I say. "427."

I thank the man for his assistance and swipe my student ID card in. The door automatically opens.



💎erin walker💎

"Hello!" I wave at the girl who just entered.

"Um, hi." She shyly grins at me.

"Guess we're roommates." I leap in the air, excitedly. "I'm Erin. I'm princess of Calbia."

"Well, I'm Tori Anderson."

Tori Anderson. Doesn't sound familiar.

"Which Kingdom are you from?" I ask.

Tori weakly smiles at me. "Well, you see, I'm not from royalty."

"You're not?"

"Yeah. I'm attending on scholarship." She answers.

"That is so cool!"

"Anyway, is it just us in this dorm?" Tori asks.

I reply. "Yeah, two more. Princess of Landonia and Princess of Etopia."

Then there is a knock.

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