Don't wanna dance alone

Camilla's at the club one night and something she's looking for is their

Read more to find out!������


1. The outfit/ waiting

(Camila's pov)

So savannah which outfit should I wear the pink High waisted shirts with the white crop top or the short skirt with a button shirt but also the skinny jeans with the white crop top can you please help me chose please I wanna look great for tonight.

(Savannah's pov) stop with the whining about the outfits cause u need to get in the shower before you were put anything on so go get in the shower.Camila before you go in the shower I like the pink high waisted shorts and the black crop too instead of the white one and the strapped sandals.

(Camila's pov) after listen to savannah of which outfit I should wear I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower I took off my clothes and then the hot water hit my skin then I started to wash my hair and the then my body.when I got out of the shower I wrapped I towel around me went I'm my room and grabbed the outfit savannah helped me pick out then I went back in the bathroom and put my hair in a messy wet bun. I started to do my make up and then I get my brush and Blowdryer and started to do my hair. Let my long Brunette hair down but I curled it. Then I put my clothes on and went in the living room and waited for savannah and the rest if the girls. For them to say i take the longest out if the group the need to hurry they slow selfs up, Gosh I can't wait for them any longer it's like I've been waiting forever.the girls finally came down they all looked at me like I was a pice of clothing or some food.what are u guys looking at. You u look so freaking hit Emily said.well are you guys just like going to stare at me the while day or are we going to the party.

( naill's pov) guys come in before the fans and photographers get their and it's going to be a roughy to to get the ought the crowed. Naill shut up you don't know how long it takes to do a person to do hair gosh zayn said. We'll some people don't want to ruin their hair through a crowed if fans and paparazzi. Fine u win but I'm bringing my mirror zayn said. The rest if the guys were following behind zayn coming down the stairs. Yay we finally get to have some fun.

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