Don't wanna dance alone

Camilla's at the club one night and something she's looking for is their

Read more to find out!������


2. partying

(Camilla's pov)

When me and girls got to the club it was crowed with screaming girls and paparazzi but they weren't the for us it must be another celebrity here. Then the screaming fans and paparazzi turned the attention to us Camilla how's the band going is are u guys realizing a another album how's the band going ( fifth harmony) one if the reports said. We answered a few questions but then I got impatient then I left the girl and went In but they followed behind me. As we went into the club the smell if sweat and alcohol was in the air. The first thing I did was head to the bar I was dying for I drink. ( 49 minutes later) I had I couple of drinks and now I want to dance. I started dancing to out sing ( don't wanna dance alone) I was dancing then I felt someone's arms around my waist and I turned and around and it was Harry styles from one direction

( Harry's pov) I saw this girl dancing across the room and u just keep in staring at her then I sing came on I think called (I dint want to dance alone) the girl looked a lot like Camila from fifth harmony. I decided to ig dance with her. I out my hands in her waist and she keeps on dancing for a minute then she turned around and looked me straight in the eye but then I broke the silence between us and said hey. Hai she said. (5 minutes later) we started dancing and grinding on each other but then she left to the bar with I group of girls that I guess is fifth harmony.

(Camila's pov) I was dancing and grinding with Harry styles but I was dragged by my friends to the bar and we took some more shots but then we had to leave cause the security person said we were to drunk and I saw Harry run out of the club to ask me one question.

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