Letter's From A Stranger

A man who is just becoming of age receives a curious letter with no returning address. Upon opening it he gets no age, no name and nothing that could be found about the person sending them. Soon he realizes they're from a girls and gets more curious about the letters being sent.


1. The First Letter Arrives.

I woke up early like every other day. My alarm clock didn't ring before I woke up like usual. I found no reason to let it right so I just unplugged it so it wouldn't let out the annoying noise. I went through my usual routine of brushing my teeth, messing with my hair, and putting on day clothing. When I finished I grabbed a beer from the fridge ( although I'm only 19 ) and took a swig followed by the unwanted face from the taste of the beer. I sit back on my couch and flipped the TV to the news like every morning and watched the sad stories of murder and death that happened in my town. I'd sigh and flip it back off, but today I heard something come from the letter box on my door. I looked over and saw that a letter had fallen through. I was a bit surprised seeing as mail wasn't meant to arrive for 4 more hours. I shrugged off the thought and got up to grab the small letter off the floor and looked at the back. No returning address. This is curious but I ignored it and ripped open the letter, inside was one piece of paper with cursive handwriting written upon it.

Dear whomever, 
             My name is not needed. Just like my address. I'm not important but I need to get this out. My parents have been fighting so I have no one to turn to, and since my recent problems at school my friends have left me too. Who would have thought that a lie about you having aids would make everyone hate you? But on another note, I'm here to give you a summery of what's happening to me. I don't know why I felt like doing this but I read in a book about a kid who did this and thought it'd be smart. Although I'll never meet you, it doesn't matter. You're still someone who will read my letters and seem like you'll care. 

             Today's May 30th, 2014 and today's my count down of letters. But this won't be the only thing you'll be receiving. You'll get packaged and DVD's and you'll see more into my life as it is. Although I'm not too sure you'll enjoy them. I'm sorry if you get this letter and you hate it, you can just throw it away and ignore everything else you get. But if you think of this as a fun project then you can go ahead and keep them all. But please, keep everything I'm sending you'll understand why soon enough.

             This letter may come off as bit of a surprise as I don't know who you are and you can't know who I am. You live out of my city and you seem like you'll be a good person to send this too. I used to live in the apartment you're in and I loved it there. Until my mom made us move for her boyfriend, and that's when it started. When I was living there I was 6 years old and I loved my life. I had my little sister and brother and they were my world. But, on our way to the new house mom's boyfriend wasn't paying attention to where he was driving and we crashed. Mom doesn't blame him but I do. He took my little brother and sisters lives. They were 2 and 3. I miss them every day. There names were Eric and Suzie. Mom named my brother after our father who died years back in a car accident himself. I don't remember it since I was only 4. I just remember my dad being home one day and gone another. But it's not like I didn't love him, I just never realized he went away and was never coming back.

              My step dad wasn't the only person who took things away from me. My mother called me the angel child since I was the only one who survived. But she didn't stay the sane women she was. Her and my step dad became drunks and at the small age of 6 I was the person who took care of them, although the doctors have always said I should've died in that accident. 

              This is as much as I'll tell you for now. You'll be receiving a package soon that will have a letter inside. I hope you have a nice day. Please stay safe and know that where ever I am, I care about you. 
                                                         The Sender

My heart sank as I read the letter, tears forming in my eyes. I held in my tears by taking another small sip of the bitter tasting beer. I wish I had the address. I wish I could help this person. Although I couldn't wait for the package, I wish she would've sent this to someone who could have really helped her and not a 19 year old boy who doesn't even know what he's having for dinner tonight. 

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