The Creepypastas [fanfic]

your the main character you love anything scary but don't get scared of anything yourself.


16. last chapter evher

 The next day you woke up the next in a were in a room you didn't recognize then all the creepypastas came out even some you didn' was deadly silent you could hear a pin drop...Then you heard a voice from above ''YOU ARE NOT REAL,YOU ARE A MEAR MORTAL AND FOR ACTING LIKE A PARANORMAL BEING THAT YOU AREN'T YOU WILL BE PUNISHED....''he stopped for a second before continuing again.''...FOR YOUR WRONG DOINGS AND WHAT YOU HAVE SEEN YOU CANNOT SIMPLY LIVE AMOUNGST THE HUMANS.YOUR PUNISHMENT IS DEATH.YOU SHALL BE HANGED AT HIGH NOON.''

Afterwards the creepypastas in which you lived with came up to your tied up chair, BEN speaking first.

''I'm sorry this is happening (y/n)''you sighed and replied with..

''It's not your fault BEN. I just don't understand why they are saying I'm not a real cp.''Then slenderman stepped forward.

''(y/n) your not a real cp, my ''potion'' to make you into a cp was just a tester it wasn't real i only did it because i didn't think you would make it this far into our world.'' as soon as he finished his sentence you were furious you were so mad you couldn't say a single word.right you had figured out what to say the ''grim reaper'' came up and said..

''its high noon how do you want to die.''you were speechless the question rang in your did i want to die?you kept asking yourself then you thought of the fastest way to die that wasn't painful to be hung.

''hang me''you couldn't believe you had said that it seemed so unreal.They prepared the rope and as you were about to step off you said..

''good night and sweet dreams''then stepped off the step slowly suffocating yourself until your vision went entirely black.




The end















You woke in a hospital gown.Realizing you were in a hospital you questioned how you got there if you supposedly ''died'' Then a doctor came in his name tag read ''Toby'' nothing else just the name ''toby'' he looked exactly like an older version of the toby you had known but you questioned yourself.

''I see your finally awake.How are you feeling?''Toby" asked.

''I'm fine, but how did I get here? and why am I here?''you questioned the familiar looking doctor.

''Well a murderous killer took you home after a party in which your classmates were killed.''You were speechless.You had killed them and walked home.

''Also a medicated bottle for a man named Tim was found in your hand you over dosed and have been in a coma ever since.''You had no idea was going on anymore.Had you gone mad?

''We noticed that you were suicidal so we will be sending you to sunshine hospital for the disabled.''you had no words when they took you home to get packed to go to that ''hospital for help'' there was a single note of a stickman with no face and wore a suit. You crumpled up the note and walked out of the house only to see what tomorrow with bring.




it has been forever omfg but im done with the story was bothering me so i had to update it one last time i couldnt just leave it here without ending it . Anways i hope you enjoyed it *brofist* last time im doing that for this fandom.I have sadly fallen out of love for this fandom and fallen in love with the bands fandom so i will never make a story like this one again. i love you guys :P

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