The Creepypastas [fanfic]

your the main character you love anything scary but don't get scared of anything yourself.


10. Chapter 9 and 10

you gathered your kidenys and walked out satisfied about your killings.You decided that was enough for today and walked  home with a grin as big as jeffs.tho on your way you heard sirens you ran there was no way would get caught not now after all the progress you've made. You tried to run but then realized they weren't even after you. They were chasing a car.You felt like an idiot.Then a group of guy started to approch you, you started walking faster, then jogging , eventually running.They caught up to you and put a cloth up to your nose and mouth till everything was pitch black.

3rd person pov

"yes hello i just saw a girl get attacked by a group of men and stuffed into a sack like bag"

"um mam just tell me where you are follow them around but try not to be obvious ok they should be there in a couple minutes"the operator said.

"they just went into a abondoned building here on fiifth street."i said .


your pov

i woke up in a building wearing a strippers wtf where the heck am i what am i doing and were is my sword and why am i wearing this trashy clothes.then a man wearing a mask approched me and said..


"what the f**k h**l no.sicko"i said disgusted.

"aw come on now i don't bite, besides if your a good girl we won't kill you, yu just have to show us a good time in the bed."he said as if it were normal.

"no where is my sword and clothes, tell me now and i might not kill you"you replied coldly.

"how bout no"and you blacked out again.when you woke up again you were chained to a bed and the one who harrased you earlier came in and started taking off his clothes then yours.There was nothing you could do so you cried and cried till he was done.when he was done he left the room and another came in and it repeated a couple more times you were tired and just wanted to die there was nothing you could do.These man harrased you and you just lost your virgiity in the worst way possible you would rather have lost it to Dark Link while being drunk at least it was someone you knew.

at the house

"has anyone seen [y/n]"said sally in a honey sweet voice.                              

"now that i think about it she's been gone for 2 days maybe we should look for her."[why didn't they think of that the first ay she did'nt come back] said BEN a little worried that his lover has been missing for so long.

"your right i'll go look for her in the abondoned buildings, hopefully she's in one of them"and he teleported took about an hour to find you tho.

*an hour later*

"[y/n] what are you doing tied to the bed a mortal could find you?also why are you wearing that?"

"i was just raped"you said while you and him teleported to a room he cleared up in the mansion for you.

"im so sorry about that [y/n], but don't worry we'll kill the man who did this to you."

"it was more than one"you said. there was complete if you could hear a pin drop and it could be echoed throughout the room.

"i'll go tell the others that you're safe and at home."he said and teleported sat in silence then decided to put on something thought sleep would help afterwards.then while you were dreaming the memories started flooding in everything that had happened 10x worse and more vivid in your dream it was terrible you woke up weren't gong to sleep alone not to night or for a while not after went down stairs to see eveyone was still awake and it was only 10 o'clock at night.everyone rushed over to you and asked questions like"what did you do when you were gone" "did you have fun when you were gone" "did you kill anyone" "did you run into anyone"

"guys...guys...GUYS STOP IN MOT FEELING GOOD OKAY SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED AND I DON'T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT!"you said starting to cry.Ej saw and wanted to comfort you and came over with two kidneys and said meet me in the you did. he was sitting by the window and asked..

"what happened while you were gone?"he said a bit sad.

"well.."you told him the whole story by the time you were done you had finished your kidney.

"i don't think you should tell the others."he said in a wierd tone.

"i wasn't planning to."you said quietly while drying the tears from your eyes.

"so what i was thinking is that we'll do it together so it's not as hard."he said a bit sad

"alright if thats whats best then yes but not when sally is around."you said.

"no, no of course not that should have been obvious."he said.

"well lets go tell them"you said a bit sadly.

"alright then"he said.they were all just cluddered in the living room watching a movie.

"guys me and [y/n] have something serious to say."he said a bit stern.


''BEN im not dating EJ.''

''i wish'' ej mumbled.You didn't hear tho so yeah.

''what we had to say was'' you started.

''(y/n) was raped when she was out''ej said. everyone was silent no one said a wordthen BEN said..

''i'll kill the bastard that did this.''

then you looked down and said''it was more than one''and a single tear slid down your face.You were tired so you said goodnight and went to your room.yet aanother bad dream you couldn't sleep alome so yoiu went to BENS room and asked if you could sleep with him he felt bad and said yes and didn't try anything because of the horrible event you had recently gone enext mornig you woke up on his chest guessed sleeping with him kept the nightmares were about to get up when he pulled you back down with him and said...

''stay with me a little longer''you couldn't refuse because you were still really tired so you just stayed there not saying a word eventually falling back asleep.You ended up waking up later on around 12 in the afternoon.BEN was surprisingly already gone so you decided you should go down stairs and eat something when you saw EJ he looked upset.You went over to him and said..

''i think i should go hunting for kidneys with you from now on.''you said while getting a frozen waffle out of the fridge.

''yeah i think that would be best after what happened besides we need to get you trained and you have to pick out a weapon.''

''i pick a sword and we can start my training after i eat.''you said while taking a bite out of your still frozen waffle.

*time skip to training*

you were pretty good considering you never had training till now but you didn't have your aim right.really that was all that was wrong you even injured toby a couple of times but ya now he doesn't feel pain so you had to train with someone who did.Jeff gladly steped up to the job and said until he gets stabbed in the stomach your not done training. in your opinion it was really easy sure he was quick but still you were quick too so in a way you were evenly matched.

*after training*

''your really good [y/n]''jeff said while getting stitches where you stabbed him.

''thanks jeff that means alot coming from you, anyways i was thinking we should look for those guys and bring them here so i could brutally murder them :]''you said.

''thats a great idea, do remember what they look like?'' Slender asked.

"yep my mind is a steeltrap anyways when should we do it.''you said happily knowing they would pay.

''well i wil teleport them here one by one into the basement and you can kill them however you please.''he said.

''alright''you ran down to the basement and started getting ready you put on a grim reaper costume on and waited with you new sword. then a man popped out of nowhere and started screaming till he noticed and recognized you..

''oh its you what didn't get enough te first time and wanna enjoy it now?'' he said in a prevy voice.

''hex nah you are disgusting,now why don't you take a seat.''you said. then you knocked him out and teid him to the chair.same with his friends then woke all of them up when they were tied up and ready to go.then you grabbed the first one and ripped off his shirt and started cutting into grabbed his internal organs and called EJ down. he saw what you were doing and lifted up his mask revealing a razor sharp grin and said..

''i see you have dinner would you mind if i had some?''

''why no EJ of course not in fact thats why i called you down here''you handed him a kidney and he started to eat the mans friends looked disgusted, scared and terrified all at the same time.the one you cut into had fainted from shock so you woke him up to see his eyes run out of color and him repeated this to the rest of them and when you were done you agev EJ a big hug for helping you kill those worthless beings.he hesitated at first but then hugged back you said..

''thanks for helping i really appreciate it.''you were smiling then realized he still had his mask up and was smiling back at you.Then he smashed his face on to yours giving you a passionate kiss. You backed away and said...

''EJ no im not ready, besides i think i might like someone else''you were lying and you knew it you didn't like nobody you just wanted to be his friend right now.then he ran away to his felt bad but didn't want to bother him so you went to your new room to get clothes then to BENS because you felt a little safer in there.on your way you bumped in to a clown and said..

''sorry... aren't you laughing jack?''you said a bit confidentally.

''i am thanks for noticing HAHAHAHAHA anyways see ya around kiddo''he said while walking made it to BENS room and said goodnight and he replied by kissing your face...

''BEN I DON'T LIKE YOU LIKE THAT! besides what if i actually like someone else?''you said.

''it EJ isn't it you like him.''he said a bit jelly.


''toby, dark link, jeff, hoodie, masky any of them?''

"im not gonna tell you BEN maybe i should sleep in someone elses room.''you said plainly.

''no i'll stop if you stay.''

''alright fine''you said getting in the bed and slowly driffting to sleep.



oh god this took me forever im tired.anyways everyone is around 17 if not older except sally k.this took a lot of thought hope you like it tho so yeah by the way in case your wondering the user your_worst_nightmare is my sister like forreal im not kidding so jeah. bye bruhs


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