The Creepypastas [fanfic]

your the main character you love anything scary but don't get scared of anything yourself.


9. chapter 8

 When you woke up you were in an unfamiliar room and you felt two strong arms hugging you tightly and a body up against you.You tried to push who ever it was away but you couldn't you were too tired and hungry you decided to just elbow them by "accident". It t'was the one the only Dark Link. He groaned as you got up from the bed and walked out of the room you went to the bathroom to brush you teeth.When you were done you walked to the kitchen and was greeted by Toby, sally, ej, masky and hoodie. You said mornin to everyone and glared at Dark Link during breakfast. After that everyone just pretty much did their own thing you had nothing to do so you decided that you would go killing and the first on your list was your ex-boyfriend. You walked through the woods wearing BENs old clothes because they were comfy and all your new clothes needed to be washed since sally decided to color on them.Anyways when you wore the outfit you never actually realized there was a sword in the sword holder thingy until now you decided that would be your weapon since you were good with swords and it looked really cool.Youe were at the edge of the forest by your old house and your boyfriend's house was just down the street.You knocked on the door and was greeted by his mother she looked at you in shock for you had been missing and pronounced dead she said..

"[y/n] your alive thisis great everyone thought you were dead josh was devestated when he heard!"

you smiled and said "well i don't think you would mind if I saw him right?"

"no of course not hes upstairs in his room with a friend from school go right ahead, by the waywhy are you dressed like that?"she asked with a confused face.

"oh im going to a costume convention for a video game i like''you said proudly while making you way knocked at the door and waited for a response he took too long so you kicked the door open and saw him making out with your "bff".

"hi josh, hope i didn't inturupt anything"you said.

"[y/n] your still alive oh god, what you want me back now well its too late im with lindsey now"he said in a awkward tone.

"what are you talking about you were with lindsey even when we were dating, thats right i knew the whole time you were cheating i was denying it well not anymore im so over you and lindsey dating your "bff"s boyfriend isn't a very friendly thing to do now is it"you said while taking your sword out and stabbing josh in the back as he turned to run then pushed lindsey out the 2nd story window with the sword. Oddly the mother heard nothing so when you went to kill her she had just finished making brownies and was going to give you kids some when she saw you coved in blood she scremed at the top of her lungs.the poor lay was just not fast enough to get away from you and you were much too fast for her in less than fifeteen minutes you killed 3 people got 6 kidneys and a freshly baked batch of brownies.You decided to write a qoute on the wall in blood it read "everything happens for a reason and this reason is pleasure." in cursive it looked beautiful you couldn't help but smile.


im only publishing today because i have over 200 reads

~sincerely JackJack08

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