The Creepypastas [fanfic]

your the main character you love anything scary but don't get scared of anything yourself.


7. Chapter 6 and 7

you woke up the next day with BEN on the bed right next to said he was going the floor because you didn't want him to try anything.So you got out of bed and started filling a bucket of water to dump on BEN  since you knew he was scared of water.When it was filled you grabbed the bucket pushed BEN off the bed then dumped the water on him.

"what the heck [y/n] what wrong with you im gonna drown"

"i told you to sleep on the floor and you got in the bed with me."

"i got cold on the floor so i got in the bed with you."

"well you should have gotten a blanket insted of just laying on the floor you idiot."you said while sitting at the desk with a laptop.You turned it on and got on youtube and typed in pewdie pie beause he is extreamly funny and started watching fridays with pewdiepie when it started to glitch and turned off.

"what the heck BEN why'd you do that?!" you asked a bit aggrivated.

"because you dumped water on me, duh gosh i thought you were smarter than this."he said still soakin wet 

"whatever im going to get breakfast."you then realized you were wearing nothin but a bra and underwear beacause you get to hot at night and take off your were already in the hallway so when yo tried to go back in BEN said 

,"jane could i come in?"she opened the door and saw you practicll naked and asked ..l"why are you" you cut her off and said..

"BEN locked me out and my other clothes are still dirty so could i borrow some till slender say i can more?"

"yeah now come in before dark link sees you i mean that would be terrible i mean just try and imagine what he'd to you probably try to rape you"You walked in and everything was either black or white.then she opened her closet.there were only black skinny jeans and plain tee shirtshow non boring so you decided to cut it into a muscle like shirt like dis just the shirt and the jeans like dis   anyways so you made your way down stair and started making waffles.When Toby walked in and said..

"a good friend of mine would make me waffles right?" in sleepy tone.

"sure i'll make you waffles only because you haven't tried anything"you mumbled that last part.

"thanks [y/n] your a good friend"he said while falling asleep on the counter.once you and Toby ate  everyboby had come down and ate too. once the kitchen was cleaned and everybody left BEN said to you..

"hey look at you looks like you found clothes that aren't mine!"he said glared att him and said ..

"shut up before i decide to cut your face off and wear it as a mask"you said coldly.

"OKAY, somebodys on their period"he threw his arms in the walking backwards while mumbling that last part. 

"What was that last part you said say it to my face you little man sl^t"you said pushing him up against a wall then picking him up off the ground a couple inches off the ground.then slender came in and said ...

"child what are you doing to BEN!" while picking you both up with his tenticle things and seperating you and him from your strong grip.

"well i was gonna teach this punk a lesson before you came along"you said crossing your arms.

"well if your goning to be fighting then i think its best that [y/n] shares a room with jane insted of you BEN"he said

"i did't even do anything she threatened me"BEN said like a child then walked away with a smirk on his face since slender said he needed to talk to you ALONE.So as soon as BEN was outa site slender teleported you and him to his office and he started talking...

"i know BEN cann be a pain but we all have to get along here''

"i know its just"you started but he interupted

"until you can sart acting like the bigger person you'll get one of these"and in his hand he held [a condom lol nah im just kiddin it just fit well] a credit card.your eyes got bigger as you stared at the credit card then eventually snatched from him and said...

"ima go apolagize now"you ran out the room and to BENS to tell him you were sorry about what you did and when you got his room and found him on his bed making out with some girl and said well yelled...

"BEN IN SORRY FOR ALMOST BEATING YOU UP... who's the chick?"you questioned.

"[y/n] u-uh this i-its no one i-i s-swear she she kissed me"he said stuttering.

"WHAT IM NOTHING NOW"the girl screamed.

"girl calm down your something obviously i mean just look at you honestly i wish i were as pretty as you your prettier than jeff and thats big"you said over exaggerating a bit.

"thanks"you she smiled big then faced BEN and said"BEN im done with you,your the biggest mistake of my life"she said this with a staight face then turned to you and said "you wanna go to the mall?"

"sure i needed clothes it was either wear janes till i get more or steal BENS let me go get the hat i stole from BEN tho and i'll meet you down stairs in a sec"you told her.

"alright"she said happily.

*time skip from the mall*

you learned that the this girl was named alyssa you and her have alot in common and she is one of the only real friends you have had since you became a creepypasta.also she and BEN were a thing till you brusts in the room.You felt bad for BEN and decided you were gonna go say sorry about him and alyssa so you went to his room and saw that he was already asleep so you decieded tell tell him tommoro considering it was late and you were tired but not before eating a kidney you had been looking forward to that all day,so you snuck down stairs to the fridge and was getting the kidney but realized there were none so you decided to sleep on the couch.[mistake just sayin]




i know its not as long like i said it would be thats because the computer froze and didn't save and im really mad right now so yeah.bye bruhs 


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