The Creepypastas [fanfic]

your the main character you love anything scary but don't get scared of anything yourself.


5. chapter 5

As you finished your cheesecake you decided that you should get your clothes clean so you went to the room you woke in and found out that is was BENS so you grabbed your clothes and walked out without saying a word knowing he would probably make a stupid remark. Now where is slender man? You thought and got a reply from him saying he was in his office downstairs. So you started from the very first door you saw downstairs it was a closet, another, another god how many closets do they have you thought?

“Like four or five” you heard slender say from behind you.

“Oh that’s nice I was wondering, where is the washing machine and dryer?”

“It’s just down stairs in the basement.”

“Okay thank you” You said cheery. By the way your sharing the room you woke in with BEN you heard him say your mind. “Fine but you have to buy me a lot of new clothes, every video game I want at any time, and BEN has to watch out for his kidney."

“Okay” you heard him sigh but ignored it and went down stairs to the basement to get your laundry done because it looked like a rusty red nail even your smosh hoodie was stained badly. But that’s what you get when you become a killer. *time skip* You decided to go upstairs to your new room to tell your new roommate that he was your roommate. When you reached your door you knocked on it not wanting to barge into something you didn’t want to see.

“Come in” he yelled/said.

"im sorry to break it to ya BENJAMIN but"

"what happened did somebody break my game?OH GOD NO WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS!!"he then broke down and started crying a bit. You on the other hand thought this was really funny and started video taping this thinking it would come handy sooner or later.the once he was done you told him the real news.

"BEN that's not even close to what i was going to say but whatever I have something funny to put on you tube :D"


"Okay well what i was going to tell you was we have to share a room and since you said anything your sleeping on the floor till there's another bed in here." You said happily.

"You sure you don't wanna share that bed with me?"he said in the most perverted voice possible."there will be monsters ;)"

"Nah im good" You then pulled a giant sword from your buckle and held it to his neck and replied with...

"besides im pretty sure i can protect myself with this here beauty."he slowly backed up and said 

"alright i surrender"You decided you wanted to go downstairs to meet the others in the living room.Jeff was on the couch, Sally was with charlie[charlie is her teddy bear], Dark Link was sitting next to Jeff beatin his meat, eyeless jack was eating a kidney, Jane was sharpening her knife behind Jeff.

"HI IM [Y/N] IM NEW HERE!" You screamed gaining there attention

"Well then why don't i show you around?"Dark link said in a way that made a shiver go own your spine 

 "Not that new your Prevertedness"you said with a bow.

"feisty, i like this one maybe this one will actually live."he said in a happy yet still pervy tone.

"i doubt its a maybe i've seen her work nice but a bit messy." Jeff said to your surprise.

"is eyeless jack here i need to ask him something?"you asked carving for another kidney.

"Behind you" Eyeless Jack said.

"i was wondering do you have any more kidneys im carving them right now "you said full of hope.

"in the fridge."he replied in a casual tone.

"THANK YOU" You hugged him tightly bringing him off the ground and quickly ran to the fridge to enjoy a deliciously, amazing came back to the living room and everyone stared at you as you ate the kidney.

"what are you staring at?!?" You asked annoyed.

"Its just your so strong i mean you picked up eyeless with no problem and your so small [everyone is taller than you except sally]and you look extremely weak"Dark said.

"pft i could beat you in an arm wrestling contest any day i mean just look how small your biceps are"you said confidentially.

"that sounds like a challenge to me so i accept who ever loses has to do whatever i say"he said.

"you mean the winner? "you questioned.

"no im gonna win so be prepared to be my maid when i win'' he said in an evil prevy way that made you feel disgusted.He then pulled out a little maids' dress that he was gonna make you wear.

"In your perverted  dreams im way stronger than you are"you said.

"we'll see"he said.

*at the arm wrestling match*

you cracked you knuckles and popped your neck and sat at the table waiting for the match to begin. then the ref [BEN] walked in and said ''okay now i want a nice clean match ready?"

"ready"you both said at the same time.

"alright then, on this side we have the the strong yet small [y/n],on the side we have the one who likes to jack off a lot dark link 1 2 3 BEGIN!" Everyone sat behind and around the table and saw you defeat the one and only dark link.

"told you i could beat you any day"you said happily.

"Whatever what do i have to do?"he said annoyed.

"nothing" You said "i already took your dignity"you said cheery.

"really!"he said excitedly

"heck naw bish put dis on."


"FINE!"when he was done he looked rediculous you couldn't help but laugh to where you were crying.You had to take a you did.You also took a video of him saying "[y/n] the best and if you mess with her you'll die" you put this in the file named blackmail where you kept the video of BEN crying. you started getting tired from being awesome and decided to call it a found some basketball short and wore your tank top to bed. When you felt something warm snuggle up against you and start hugging you.



 "goodnight [y/n]" he said quietly.

"goodnight BEN'' you said your voice muffled in the pillow as you quickly fell in to a deep sleep.




long chapter becuz i love you bruhs and i got my 1st like thank you Belle...


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