The Creepypastas [fanfic]

your the main character you love anything scary but don't get scared of anything yourself.


4. chapter 4

  [when you put on BEN'S clothes you also wore one of his extra hats]You walked down the hall wall decorated with different colored doors and around the middle you found the stair case.You ran down the stairs and in to the kitchen right to the fridge to look for something to eat as it were your own house.Sadly there were no kidneys ,but you two other favorite foods cheesecake and grabbed the cheesecake and sliced a fourth of it then took the other part and ate while the waffles were cooking.then hoodie and masky walked in...

"Who are you?Why are you here and most important WHY ARE YOU EATING OUR CHEESECAKE!!"Masky yelled 

"Im [y/n] , i killed multiple people in terrible ways and because the cheesecake was chillin in the fridge so im eating it"

"b-but it w-was ours"said hoodie

"well im sorry about it but you didn't have anything else to eat other than the waffles im making"you mumbled the last part.You then heard loud thumps and suddenly Toby burst in sayin....

"someone said waffles and i came as fast as i could..... whose the girl?''

"shes [y/n] beware of your waffles, she stole our cheesecake'' masky replied quite aggravated.

"okay whatever you say, by the way [y/n] you burned the waffles"Toby said in a cheery voice.

Dang it you thought your waffles were burned.Whatever you still had your giant cheesecake. You decided that it was to quite and you wanted to watch tv so you walked to the the living room with ze cheesecake. Just as you suspected BEN was hogging the TV playing majora's mask so you unpluged the TV and pluged the cable box and started watching (favorite tv show).

"what the heck is your problem i didn't even save?! who are you?!why are you wearing my clothes?! and why are you wearing my lucky hat!?!"

"Because im f!@#$n awesome"you replied in the most heroic way possible then struck a hero pose with your only free hand clenched in a fist against your hip.Then fell in the couch eating the cheesecake.

"whatever i have luckier hats and when your done wearing that don't give it back you ruined it."he said while pointing at his "old" clothes.

"okay whatever ya say :D"You yelled as he left the room





i did this during school and none of my teachers have noticed isn't that just great.anyways i got 60 reads yash bye bruhs i'll try and update again today 

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