The Creepypastas [fanfic]

your the main character you love anything scary but don't get scared of anything yourself.


3. chapter 3

 And the door closed. How wonderful you thought. Right when you were about to see who is was they just close the door. Whatever your started humming a song as you were cleaning the messy room then it hit you a horrid sent then you remembered you murdered people so it was you that was so stinky. Luckily for you there was a bathroom with a shower and a closet full of clothes [that were boys , lucky you there were about your size]. You locked the door and took a shower. If felt good to relax and not have a worry in the world. when you were done you put your some what clean undergarments on and went to the closet. Where you found multiple link like costume thing clothes so with no shame [you played legend of zelda alot just sayin] you put it on. To your surprise it fit amazingly and it was so comfortable. Then you questioned something."why does this "guy"[you assumed it was a guy] have a blow dryer and hair products?"  Then thought i wonder if this "guy" is gay or just really likes the way he looks?Regardless of that you decided to wander a look for another kidney because you were really hungry and they tasted like magic to you. Right when you opened the door you bumped in to a tall,slim figure wearing a suit and tie.

"Why hello miss, i saw you murder those girls at the party then your mother and father and was wondering would you like to stay here and become a creepypasta?"

"sure long as i get kidneys.thank you slender man"

"ah so you know about us that's wonderful and i see your gonna get along very well with eyeless jack, well i'll talk o you later for now go introduce yourselves o the rest of us."


as you can see i have a lot of free time lately thank Jesus anyways i guess none of you care about who im going to put in the story because none of you will comment not even about how i did but whatever i guess im doin good since i have like 37 reads bye bruhs

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