The Creepypastas [fanfic]

your the main character you love anything scary but don't get scared of anything yourself.


2. chapter 2

                          your pov 

      ''hello?"it was your mothers drunken self 

      "over here your worthless b!%$h"

      "wheres jur father OH MY GOD!"she screamed at the site of her dead husband.You stood there with an evil smirk on your face as she suddenly fainted.i was her turn now and you wanted to see her suffer, her pain ,you wanted her to plead for her life say she'll do anything then say you'll spare her.After that kill her anyways for being a terrible you took her to an abandoned warehouse where no one could hear her screams [or so you thought]. 

"im so sorry for the way i treated you it you don't kill me i'll do anything please spare me"She said while sobbing.

"okay"you said in the most loving way.

"really after all i've done to you your not going to kill me?"she said in a tone full of worthless hope

"of course im going to kill you after the way you treated me you gonna suffer everything you put me through,you don't deserve to live you never did you were a waste of space and time"you said in the coldest most demonic voice.

"im sorry"she whimpered out

"aw, thats so sweet you think words can save your helpless little life, as if what would you do if you got away become a prostitute again." then you grabbed a sharp blade you had you used to kill the others and stuck it in her lower abdomen and started pulling up towards her chest revealing her internal organs you started ripping them out and eating them in her face.her face was pale whiter than paper.her  eyes wide slowly losing color. As you where finishing up you stared laughing like a psycho once she was dead you stuffed a kidney in your pocket as a snack for later. Then you blacked out.

*time skip*

you woke up in a room that closely resembled yours with a messy floor posters of games and bands on the green walls and clothes literally everywhere.the only difference was there was no window revealing your room to the world.then you saw the door knob being twisted. As the door was being opened you pulled out your blade and began eating the kidney you saved from earlier only to see the one the only........






cliff hanger haha gotcha


the chapters are honestly gonna be this short cuz im not a fast typer and so yeah anyways like and or favorite i don't really care bye bruhs and appreciate the really early update

              ~sincerely JackJack08

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