The Creepypastas [fanfic]

your the main character you love anything scary but don't get scared of anything yourself.


14. chapter 14

*the next day*

you woke and went down stairs and started sing milky milkshake by smosh when BEN walked in and started singing along with you when you were done you started to laugh because yo realized he only wore a muscle shirt and heart under pants.he asked...

''whats so funny?''with a confused look on his face then you pointed to his boxers and laughed even harder.he grabbed his hat off his head then coved himself as he walked out blushing like made yourself a milkshake then went to the living room to be greeted by EJ...

''hey EJ why you look so down?''you said while taking a sip from your milkshake.

''well i heard your going on a date with toby tonight''he said mumbling.

''and''you said while making hand motions motioning that he say more.

''i really like you and i don't want you to go out with toby''he said fast.

''i like you too, i promise if this ''date'' doesn't go well we could go hunting sometime.ok''

''alright but only because you insisted.''he said while smiling a little.

''well ima go play some video games with BEN cya later alligator.''you said.

''alright'' he said while pulling you into a goodbye hug. It was awkward as hell because he started sniffing you and held you for a long time.

''i think i hear BEN calling my name.''you said while walking away from the awkwardness to BENS walked into BENS roomto see that he had already started playing with dark link. so insted of playing you just sat and watched them play super smash bros.

''stop cheating BEN''Dark said.

''im not cheating!''he said aggrivated.

''yes you are, and i know exactly why.''

''then why dark why am i ''cheating'' for what is thy reason thy fairest gamer would cheat?''BEN said.

''Because if you didn't cheat you wouldn't win''he said with a smirk on his face.

''well then next round the loser has to leave and let the winner do what ever they want to (y/n)''BEN smiled with a grin thinking of all the possibilities.dark link just sat there with blood trickling down his nose.

''hellz nah , insted winner gets a hug and loser has to wear a ballerina outfit while singing applause by lady gaga on just dance.''you said with an evil grin.

''alright then get ready to lose BENNY boy cause im firetrucking fabulous and ima win like a boss''Dark said as he posed like world's most heroic hero.

''pft in your dreams''he said accepting the challenge.and the games begun.

*2 and a half minutes later*

''tolda ya i would win benjamin''dark said as he hugged you tightly and closely.

''ok let go i wanna record BEN in his ballerina outfit and your hurting me''you said uncomfortly.

''oh sorry''he said as he let you go.BEN then came out of his closet wearing a green balerina outfit still wearing his couldn't help but laugh then LJ, sally, and EJ came in and started laughing at the little dancing was already 6:00 and you needed to shower so you went to your room and got ready for ''date'' with took a shower did your hair then put your clothes on.You then made your way downstairs to the opened the door and toby stood there with a boquet of flowers.

''hey (y/n) for a minute i thought you forgot and started getting worried.'' he said as he gave you the flowers.he quickly sat you down and got waffles from the fridge that looked like this

''wow these waffles are really good.''you said while stuffing your mouth with wafflez.

''thanks that means alot. nobody appreciates good waffles but glad to know you do. anyways i got a surprise outside come on.''he said with smile.

''alright.''so he took you and put a blind fold on your face and took you outside.When he took off the blind fold you were at a cliff with a blanket set on the ground.

''whats this for?''you said extreamly confused.

''it so we can look at the stars together.''he said with a small both sat down gazing at the started leaning on him so he out his arm around you.After a few minutes he started staring at you and you noticed.

''Toby what wro''he cut you off  with a slowly closed your eyes and started going with it.He stoped and and smiled at you.then said.

''sorry i couldn't help myself you just looked so pretty in the moon light.''you just smiled back and said..

''its okay it was quite enjoyable.''

''you still sure you don't like me.''he said

''not anymore.''you said looking away from him and up at the stars.

''Do you like me and be honest.''he said 

''honestly i don't know i mean i do but not all off me does.theres just something that its just wierd.anyways ................''you said as you were laying down.

''i really like to  be around you. i feel like i can really be myself you know what i mean (y/n)....(Y/n)....oh you fell asleep. ok then.''he decided he should probably take you back know and carried you back to the house.when you he got there he took you to your room and put you in bed.Then he thought why go all the way to his room when he could just sleep with here with you.he thought you wouldn't mind be sides your bed was big.Sooooo he jumped in bed and snuggeled right next to you after kissing your forehead and saying goodnight. 



i updated accompishment unlocked. god im tired its like 9:30pm where im at and my sister is probably reading this so yeah this is weird.anyways hope you liked this chapter like favorite and leave a comment in the section below. bye bros. *brofist* (only awesome people will get this reference)

~sincerely JackJack08

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