The Creepypastas [fanfic]

your the main character you love anything scary but don't get scared of anything yourself.


13. chapter 13

 You awoke in a white room plain white in a straight jacket.where am I you thought? Where are the others?this is a mental hospital how did I get here?why am I here?then a docter came in and said

''hello (y/n) do you know why you are here?''

"no''you said so confused.

''well you murdered quite a number of people, after you went missing someone saw you running in and out the woods we found you in an old abandoned mansion in the middle of the woods.''

''but why am I here''you said glaring at the man for no reason.

''you have killed people and your mentally insane, not to mention whlie you were asleep you kept mumbling the names of BEN DROWNED, slenderman, jeff the killer, sally, ect. which are all made up stories about killers.''

''so what about it i was abused by all the people i killed so technically according to the law i was defending myself''you said kinda mad.

''your an insane killer, we found your mother, father, the group of girls, your boyfriend his girlfriend and mother all dead with you as the killer case closed, there is no way we will let you go not until you dead will you rest in piece.''he said while turning around and grabbing some drugs for you.he turned back around and you were standing right before him.

''how did you get out''he said in a panicked tone.

''1999, 2003, 2007, 2014''you said.

''what''he said backing away from you and closer to the door.

''all years a family member of yours died''you said.

''none have died in this year of 2014 though''

''thats because its for you''you dug a scaple you found on a near by table in to his chest.His eyes lost color took the scaple back out and wrote on the white walls'' everything happens for a reason ''then wrote the death dates of the staff members next to all they're opened the door and walked out to the hallway.Next door was another killer how wonderful his name was josh an murdered everyone in his neighbor hood, you unlocked the door and saw he had green eyes and a scar down his cheek. You introduced yourself and said

''i know a place we can kill and never get caught  just trust me you'll love it.''he said yes and you showed him the way back to the mansion.apparently you had alot of things in common when you got to the house eveyone asked who the dude was and you responded by putting your arm around him and sayin it was josh a killer you had met at the hospital.he blushed like crazy even though you only ment it as a friendly gesture.BEN, dark link and toby walked up to you and tried to hug you but you rejected and went to show josh around.Once you were done you went to thee kitchen and said''bish you want some wafflez bish you get some wafflez, bish you want some cheesecake bish you get some cheesecake.''

''um o-ok then''hoodie ate some waffles and went to your room,you started drawing a dragon and lets just say it looked fricken then the bloody painter walked in and saw you drawing you didn't hear him come in and did't know he was there till he cleared his throat.

''when did you get in here''you said a little weirded out that you didn't hear him.

''i've been in here for like five minutes, so yeah watcha doin''he said staring at you.

''well i was drawing till i started talking to you''you said awkwardly.

''you wanna talk?''he said.

''about what''you asked 

''anything really''he said. and you started talking to him you had a ton of stuff in common with talked about three hours when toby came in your room with flowers and said..

''will you be my girlfriend (y/n)?''

''no''you said.

''why not what did i do wrong?''he said sadly.

''1.your a proxy your not allowed to date 2.i barely know you three hours i have learned more about the bloody painter than i know about you 4.I might actually like someone else in the room.''you said making the bloody painter blush assuming it was him you were talking about.

''YES!''you heard BEN scre am from your closet.''i knew you liked me (y/n)''he walked out of your closet and held a zelda costume for you and said

'' (y/n) will you be my zelda''

''i wasn't talking about you''you said while punching his arm.

''so then would you be talking about me''the bloody painter said with blush showing through his mask.

''sorry boys i was talking about my bed and pillow hahahaha''

''seriously'' toby said with a little more hope in his voice.

''im dead serious''you said with a serious face.

''can you at least go on a date with me?''toby said giving you the flowers and a box of waffles (get it wafflez insted of chocolate :) no ok i get it)

''sure when and where''you said lousy.

''TOMMORRO SEVEN PM ON THE KITCHEN''he screamed while running out of your then shoved everyone out of your room for your date tommorro you ended up chosing this    <-- copy paste it  





your welcome i haven't updated till now because im in cross country and i have been so tired lately plus homework ugh just so tireing its not ugh even funny. ANYWAYS hope you liked the chapter favorite like and comment who the girl person reader thing should endup liking cuz i don't know YET.

 -sincerely JackJack08

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