The Creepypastas [fanfic]

your the main character you love anything scary but don't get scared of anything yourself.


12. chapter 11 and 12

  you woke up and to your surprize it was freezing cold it was already fall so yeah.Anyways you went down stairs and saw Toby he held out his arms and you rejected him.he frowned and asked..

"whats wrong do I stink er what?"

"nah i just don't want a hug''you said while taking a pancake off his plate and eating it.

''aw ok fine whatever i don't need you and your warm hugs''he said in a playfully childish voice.

''whats that suppose to mean,i've never even hugged you so how would you know if they're warm.'' you said in a awkward tone.

''well EJ said you have the warmest hugs ever and that he really likes you even though he doesn't know you very well''he said totally casual.

''ok then well i don't like EJ so yeah''you said.

''Do you like BEN?''he said.

''no,why would you think that''you asked so curiously.

''i dunno maybe the fact that your sleeping with him, just a suggestion''he said.

''well i don't like either of them i like someone else.''you said in a ''sassy'' tone.

''is it me?''he said with a dorky smile.

''no''you said with a grossed out face.

''well you don't have o be so mean about it gosh''he said with a frown.

''don't be so sensative god, i was just playin around''you said.

''so you really do like me!''he said with a grin.

''no, i was playin around about being grossed out if you and i were ever a thing.''you said in a tired tone.

''oh well bye.''he said then quickly ran out the sat there then heard screaming and went to go investigate.



Toby:guys she said she didn't like either of you,but she might like me you know i do have that awesomeness that girls can't resist and not to mention my amazing looks and all those fanfics about me just proves it.

BEN:yeah you know who else can't resist your ''amazing looks''?



Toby:well then no need to be so hurtful i might be a killer but i have feeling too ya know.

Then you came in and said..

''guys you know i can hear you, i don't like any of you and are you seriously gonna fight over some girl you just met a few days ago i mean seriously you guys are childish, for all you know i could like Dark Link!''then Dark Link came in and said..

''yeah wasn't it obvious i mean who could resist me.''then he turned you around held you by your waist and kissed you.When he was done he turned you back around and back hugged you.

''Dark i don't actually like you, but to be honest your a really good kisser.''you said as you squirmed out of his arms.

''seriously''BEN,EJ,and Toby said togther.

''i was being honest anyways im gonna go hunting come on EJ''you said as you grabbed EJ's arm and walked out the door after grabbing your sword.after about 10 minutes of walking EJ broke the silence and said..

''is it true that you don't like any of us not to mention me?''

''well i like all of you as friends but thats only because i barely know any of you.if i started liking someone i would have said something to them but i don't so jeah.''

''its okay, did you really enjoy that kiss with dark''he said sadly.

''yes.....i did''you said straight forward.

''okay.''he said in an even sader tone.''Maybe we shouldn't go hunting im not in a very good mood''he said breaking an awkward silence.

''alright then i guess only because your not feeling well''

*timeskip to thy house*

''hey your back with EJ''Toby said that last part in a disgusted tone.

''yup anyways ima go to my room''you said trying to get away from the guys.ark

''You have a room!''Toby said.

''yeah i've had one for a couple of days now why?''you said curiously.

''i dunno cuz your sleeping with BEN! so i assumed you didn't have a room''he said like a child while crossing his ams.then Dark popped in and said...

''your cheating on me with BEN! How long have you been sleeping with him?i can't believe your doning this to us were over [y/n] do you hear me.''he sounded really hurt then Toby said...

''you've been dating Dark?''with the most confused look on his face.

''NO, DARK IS AN IDIOT''you siad aggrivated that dark keeps popping up in the wrong places.then dark said..

''stop denying that we were ever a thing [y/n], just because were done doesn't mean you have to forget the good times we had together''

''dark i've been here for like one week, and i would never date such a pervert.''you said plainly.

''i know i just have had nothing to do''he said while walking soon as he was outta sight Toby got closer to you and said...

''you sure you don't like me''and he kissed you.Then just as you were pushing away Toby, jeff walked in and said...

''get a room lovebirds''

''were not dating''you said while trying to walk away..

''you sure cuz it sure looks like it''jeff said while sitting down on a nearby chair.

''well were not''you said.then toby said..

''not yet.''so you responeded with...

''in your dreams lover boy''as you walked to the got to the kitchen and everyone was there except toby and jeff a few new faces greeted you, one that went by the name of the bloody painter.  

''well hello i don't believe we have met.''he said while kissing your hand, you blushed and said

''no im [y/n] and you are the bloody painter correct.''

''indeed anyways see you around''he said while walking talked to a few others and went off to your room you were tired from all the boy drama and decided to call it a got pj's on and driffted to sleep.



a chapter your welcome it probably sucks but i haven't updated so jeah. Who she she fall for???because i dont even know please tell me who should her lover be??anyways bye bruhs like and favorite bcuz i like and favorite them :D

~sincerely JackJack08 




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