The Creepypastas [fanfic]

your the main character you love anything scary but don't get scared of anything yourself.


1. chapter 1



                       You were in the forest walking to a party that you had been invited to by one of the snobby girls at your school.You knew something was up so just in case you brought a medium sized razor sharp pocket knife.  this is what you wore   

Just as you suspected those snobby dirt bags were up to something.

     your pov.

 Those idiots were trying to f$%&*@g sacrifice me for some ritual thing so they could live forever they're so retarded so i ended they're pathetic lives. To me it's a win win they die and I don't get harassed anymore YaY!!while killing them it felt pretty good maybe i should do the same to my wonderfully abusive mother and father.

     *time skip to your house*

     "Hey sl^t where have you been!!" your father said  

     "nowhere as if you even care"you mumbled. 


   And with that he stood up slapped you, pushed you to the ground and started kicking you in the stomach til you started coughing blood. When he was done he spat on you. You didn't feel a thing because you had CIPA but that didn't matter it still made you feel bad with the things he said and done. Like when you where 15 he tried to rape you it had only been 2 years you were 17 now. all the anger built up i you, you couldn't take it you stabbed his back he cried out but you muffled it with your psychotic  laughter you kept stabbing until he was dead then took all his internal organs and stuffed them in the freezer deciding you were gonna try something new to eat.You knew your mother didn't get home till around 3am to beat you for her cheating on your father and it was only 2:30 am so you decided to watch TV while eating your father's organs while waiting for your precious mother and to your surprise the organs tasted amazing. In your opinion the kidneys tasted amazing.




                                                short chapter i know this is my first story please like, favorite

                                                      and most of comment on how i did i want to know

                                                           who should be in the story ,who you don't want                                                                                                          in the story, and don't be afraid to be judgmental in the                                                                                       comments it would probably help the story also i will try and update 

                                                                  every week probably sunday nights     

                                                                 the next update should be on 11/9/14

                                                                       sincerely~ JackJack08

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