a story my friend has written, its okay I got permission.
the story is now mostly mine, and is only book two of I think nine, yeah we haven't written the first book.


1. prologue

Aron heard the annoying voices inside the mansion. He sighed and knocked. The yelling only grew louder. It continued for too long. The door swung open with such force, a gust of wind filled the whole mansion. The yelling still continued. Aron slammed the door shut and the yelling stopped. A woman popped her head out of one of the rooms her light brown hair escaping her loose pony tail. With her curvy figure and stunning looks, she was gorgeous. Aron spoke when he noticed her blue eyes glaring at he’s black ones.

“What?” Aron shrugged.

“You almost smashed my door” she hissed.

 Aron shrugged, “Skylar it’s just a door, why were you yelling?” he asked, just at that moment a man age 18, the same age as Aron, popped his head out. This man, unlike Aron, had very gentle brown eyes, a smile that could charm anyone and hair that appeared almost gold in colour.

“Aron, come sit. Skylar, your door survived,” Demos gave one of his famous smiles and Skylar sulked her way in. Aron quickly followed so as not to be left behind. At the table Tom brushed his gleaming, black hair that always seemed to be perfectly cut, out of his dark eyes, which were filled with information. Fabian sat beside Tom, his hazel eyes gleaming in the cheeky way, his hair kinda curly and grew past his ears. Both of them were the same age as Aron and Demos. What capture Aron’s attention was a girl with shimmering dark brown hair, gleaming green eyes filled with joy and a smile that made Aron’s heart flutter. As much as Aron wished it, he could never see both of her eyes as she would always cover the left side of her face with her side fringe. The beauty, Elizabeth was a strong independent woman. Let it be said that no one should let her flawless features fool them. She stood a fighter at only 17. Skylar beat them all in age. She was 23. Automatically, she became the leader of the group and stayed the leader because she controlled everything perfectly.

Skylar slammed her fist against the table,

“Lucy gains strength every second, and more recruits are needed to defeat her!” She snapped, the authority clear in her voice, “We must win this war!”

“Skylar, where do you expect us to find these recruits that you need. Don’t you remember, the entire world hates our kind?” Elizabeth snarled “I can’t keep hoping we’ll survive this. It’s not a war if we know we cant win. I hate losing and I hate that there’s nothing we can do to prepare.”

“That’s not true!” Tom snapped pushing his grubby, broken glasses up his nose “I read in a newspaper about four girls without a tribe. If we find them, show them our secrets to winning, train well, we’ll have our victory.”

“Four girls aren't enough, we need at least another thousand” Skylar complained.

“You miss understood what I’m trying to say. These girls could be our key to getting more recruits. Apparently the 8th tribe does exist. They don’t belong to the sins. Maybe this tribe will support with this war.” tom finished.

“Sounds risky” grinned Fabian “I love risky, almost as much as I love jokes”

“What if it doesn't work?” Demos asked “What then?”

“Well these girls have no home. They don’t know where this so called ‘8th tribe’ is.” Tom smiled “I can track them with the aid of my magic. There must be a tribe because these girls don’t have stones”

Skylar fell silent before a smile formed. “Yes let’s find these girls and give them a home to live in. but of course, they must have their protectors. Logic says that you four boys become their protectors. Guard them with your lives, they will be the key to our success”

“What if they don’t want to help us” Elizabeth said

“They will. They’re like us, almost the same.” Skylar replied, “Aron, what do you think?”

“If they step out of line I will kill them! Why the hell do I have to be a protector anyway? Aron yelled.

“’cause it would be hilarious watching you protect a girl!” Elizabeth evilly smirked. “Since, you know, Skylar and I aren't interested in you, and watching a girl run away from you will be exiting. Oh finally more than two girls! This is great.”

 “What do you mean two Girls? There’s only Skylar” Aron pointed out.

“I'M A GIRL!” screamed Elizabeth

“That’s not what your chest says” Aron teased.

Elizabeth glanced at her flat chest and glared at Aron who tilted his head “Are you mad?”

“I WILL MURDER YOU, YOU EMO GIT!” Elizabeth screamed, and she tried to hit Aron who caught her fist.

“Hey, idiot, think before shooting” Aron mocked.

Elizabeth glared.

Aron cocked his head, “Eh, I’m leaving for these girls you three coming?”

The other boys nodded and walked out after him. This would be fun. 

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