a story my friend has written, its okay I got permission.
the story is now mostly mine, and is only book two of I think nine, yeah we haven't written the first book.


4. chapter 3

 I turned to see a tall human like monster, it was as tall as the trees in the forest and as wide as a small house. It had dark purple skin that was thick as an elephants hide. Its small beady eyes peered down at us although it was difficult to tell if they were eyes or not, it's large mouth was a large river running across its face. Its arms and legs where as thick as tree trucks and its fingers where the size of a small tree. It had hands and feet covered in blood. The Beast crouched behind Demos with twisted dead bodies stuck to its body and between its toes, it looked ready to pounce, if that was even possible with its enormous size. I opened my mouth to scream but Sophia put a hand over my mouth, Emma was quite startled, and I saw Fabien trying to calm the obviously panicked Catherine, poor girl.
“What is that” whispered Sophia,
“Someone who has become attached to their sin” Tom stared in fascination at the Beast “I have never seen one up close like this”
“Stay here Catherine I know what to do.” Fabian said in a grave tone, he looked up at the Beast and glared, I was amazed Fabian was so brave, he then walked up to the Beast which looked curiously at Fabian. As Fabian reached the toe of the Beast he starred at it for a while
“He is so cool’’ whispered Catherine, then he did the stupidest thing ever, he kicked the Beast and yelled insults at it,
“YOU BIG PURPLE PRUNE, STOP EATING THINGS IT BAD FOR YOU, YOU ARE ALREADY AS FAT AS FAT GETS, AND I HAVE SEEN ALOT OF FAT PEOPLE, I MEAN A LOT, SO STOP EATING. DEAR GOOD HAS ANYONE TOLD YOU YOU’RE REALLY UGLY?  NO WELL THEY SHOULD. DEAR GOD, YOU’RE UGLY I MEAN REALLY UGLY, LIKE PROBALLY THE MOST UGLYIEST THING IVE EVER SEEN, I MEAN YOU’RE EVEN UGLYIER THAN ARON AND HE IS UGLY.” Fabien yelled on the top of his lungs, Demos hit his own forehead and just stared at his friend, the rest of had our mouths has fallen open while Catherine was having a laughing fit on the forest floor. Fabian stopped yelling insults and everything was silent besides Catherine laughter, suddenly the Beast stood and some bodies dropped to the floor the Beast stood up and gave a blood-curtailing scream. Fabian scooped up the now screaming Catherin and ran for his life we all followed this brave act and ran for our life.
“FABIAN THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT” screamed Tom, holding his glasses up so he could run faster “I MEAN WHY WOULD YOU CALL IT FAT?” Tom glanced at me, Sophia and Emma “DEMOS CARRY THE TWO SMALL ONES I WILL CARRY THE TALL ONE” Tom then ran towards Emma scooped her up and began running, Demos grinned at Sophia and me
“WHO WANT A PIGGY BACK?” he yelled at us, Sophia raised her arm, while screaming, Demos stopped and Sophia jumped on his back than scooped me up in his arms and ran
“IM NOT A MIGDET” Sophia yelled,
“THAT MY EAR YOUR SCREAMING IN” the ground began to shake I turned my head to see the purple Beast running after us
“RUN” I screamed
“IS THAT ALL YOU CAN SAY?” Demos grinned and run straight at a tree
“YOU’RE RUNNING AT A TREE” Sophia screamed while pulling
Demos’ hair
“LITTLE GIRL ON MY BACK HOLD TIGHT” Demos smiled and ran faster the tree getting closer and closer, Demos jumped and I shut my eyes tight when I opened I realised Demos was running up a tree, my mouth was a wide at the monsters belly Demos saw this and laughed at me, he then jumped to the nearest thick branch and asked Sophia to jump off and placed me down.
“Ok you two stay here while I try to find” Demos began
“DEEMOOSS” screeched a voice, he turned to see the Beast running past at on the Beast’s neck was Aron who had a sword stuck in the monster neck and was now clinging on for dear life.
“ARON HI WHAT ‘S UP!’’ Demos called back
“YOU STUPID FOOL LITTLE PIECE OFF…” we didn’t get to near the last of Aron’s words since the Beast was now to far way
“As I said stay here while a help my friend who is now playing cowboy with a sinner excuse me” he flashed us a smile and jumped branch to branch until we couldn’t see him anymore
“I am not a midget” was all Sophia could say, I nodded and sat down Sophia joined me,
“So what’s for dinner” I say casually.
Catherine and Emma where screaming their heads off, even though Fabian was funny and managed to calm Catherine down, the Beast behind them was getting closer,
“HEY Tom LETS PUT THESE TWO IN TREES AND KILL THIS THING” Fabian laughed, Tom nodded they both ran straight for a tree Catherine yelled out a warning and closed her eyes when she opened them Fabian was running sideways up a tree then jumped to a Branch where, Tom had already placed Emma who was slightly shaken,
“my lady” grinned Fabian, and placed her down “ok you two”
‘’TOOMM, FAABBIAN!” yelled a voice, Catherine turned to see stuck on the Beast neck was Aron clinging onto a sword for dear life, “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU FOUL, LOATHSOME, LITTLE...” Aron voice was getting smaller and smaller and Catherine couldn’t hear those last words. Demos finally caught up with Tom and Fabian, who both looked very confused,
“Did anyone else see Aron playing cow boy?’’ Demos said
“Yes, I did I must say I will never forget it” Tom said, smiling “now gentlemen please grab your weapons and let’s kill this sinner”
Demos tapped his stone and in a second a spear appeared in Demos’ hand a spear with a silver handle and a silver stone for the tip, Tom tapped the stone on his book and a staff appeared, it had iron on the ends of it. Fabian tapped his stone and a Bow appeared in his hands and a quiver of arrows on his back
“I have one word” Fabian said very importantly “Alon-zy”

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