a story my friend has written, its okay I got permission.
the story is now mostly mine, and is only book two of I think nine, yeah we haven't written the first book.


3. chapter 2

If I did have a tribe I would probably be in Wrath as Wraths usually want nothing but power and strength, my black hair and eyes would suit in perfectly, my mood would of put me in Wrath as well, but I have no stone I never had one, my skinny little pale body wouldn’t put me in wraith, most people in wraith are tall, you must be perfect to become one in the land of sin but I’m not in wraith for many other reasons, I whine too much for a wraith, I’m not as powerful as a wraith ether.
Sophia would be in pride her soft curly brown hair and brown eyes give her a feminine look, the prides always think they are better than everyone and they are in a way, but unlike pride Sophia doesn’t think she is good at much and her eyes would always have some sort of hunger for humour, she never means to show off and she’s acutely quite dense when you try to complement her.
Catherine would be in sloth, her hazel eyes would always gaze at nothing if you ask her to do something and is never bothered to fix up her short, messy, dark brown hair, but Catherine has more emotions than any other sloth out there she is very active when she wants to be and never stops talking.
Emma would have been in gluttony, she is almost always eating and she loves her food. But unlike the gluttony she doesn’t mind sharing her food, or giving it away altogether and nor does she make a point of the fact she wants something.

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