a story my friend has written, its okay I got permission.
the story is now mostly mine, and is only book two of I think nine, yeah we haven't written the first book.


2. chapter 1

“Hurry up!” Catherine yelled from in front of us, she always was faster than us, her short, brown hair swinging on her back as she ran,
“Oh, dear god, I’m running as fast as I can” Sophia yelled , Emma yelped  as a bottle was thrown at her and missed, I ran faster and caught up with Catherine. We ran out the little man and ran to a abandoned building
“Crap” Catharine hissed between breaths “one loaf is all we stole and that happened”
“Yeah but we are in Gluttony territory” I said keeling over and hitting the floor, I sucked in as much air as I could, Emma leant forward with her hands on her knees, gasping,
“I think I need to exercise more” Emma said brushing her long dark hair out of her face
“Emma just go to the fat little man and take some more bread, that will help you exercise” I said grinning,
“Shut up, Leah nobody is going to the little man” Catherine laughed, “I’m surprised he could run so fast he was so short“
“Yep a midget” Emma grinned dark eyes twinkling,
“Emma he was taller than me and Leah” Sophia said, Emma gave a laugh that was mixed in with an apology, I hit Emma over the head,
“I am not short” I hissed “I just hate milk”
“Leah you love milk” Sophia said with a raised eyebrow,
“Shut up” I whined “did you get the bread?”
Catherine didn’t hear me, she was too busy playing with a brilliant blue butterfly
“CATT!” I screamed “I’m hungry, divide the god dam bread”
Catherine started handing out some bread, as Sophia pulled her hair back into a ponytail and Emma and I rummaged through our rucksacks in search for water bottles, Catherine also pored some milk for us.
“Where’d ya get that” Emma slurred,
“He through it at Sophia, and I caught it before it hit her head” she laughed swatting at the butterfly again.
As we ate we heard yelling outside,
“Go see what it is Leah” Catherine said and took a big bite of her piece of bread, I gave her a mocking bow “Yes, your Highness, “and went to the window. Standing there were four men, all just 2 years older than us arguing with the little man that we stole bread from, the little fat man was trying to hit the one with black hair but was failed since all the dark haired man had to do was punch him and the little man would stop, he suddenly looked at me and muttered something to the one in glasses whom looked up from his book and smiled at me.
“RUN!” I screamed, the others were very shocked but did what they were told and ran for their lives. As soon as we reached the street, the man with glasses pointed to us and the other man, with the messy blonde hair and gleaming eyes ran at us along with a man with kind brown eyes and dark brown hair, I suddenly grabbed Sophia wrist and tugged her to move faster, Catherine yet again was in the lead pushing over every bin and every cart in her way to slow the men down unfortunately me Sophia and Emma would also have to avoid these objects
“NO CHANCE BLONDIE!” screamed Catherine running towards the forest of food, she tripped, but got up and started running backwards pulling faces at the men as she went,
“CATHREINE NOT THER-FORGET IT RUN, RUN’’ Emma yelled, I began to slow down with Sophia tugging on me to run faster I braced myself for a lot of stitches and ran faster catching up with Emma, the forest of food was always dark and had many trees the colour of purple, the leaves where always drenched in dried blood of the anI’mals that where killed and many bushes without berry thanks to the gluttony, and something that would always lurk in the shadows, but that wasn’t the problem, the rapist behind me was, suddenly the dark haired man jumped in front of us out of nowhere ,we screamed to a stop where we tried to turn and found that the three other men had us surrounded, Catherine growled at them.
“Where not going easy without a fight!” I snarled holding up two fists, my black hair falling over my face, I must have looked like a psycho. The dark haired man stared at me with cold black eyes he was a wraith, no doubt about it, while the one in glasses looked like a pride, the messy haired blond, judging by the stone on his wrist was also in pride. While the last one, the one with kind eyes I had to search for his stone to find where he was from his stone was on a necklace tied with black string was a silver stone with something engraved on it. He was from greed which I found most surprising he looked so kind. They must have been lucky to have stones, because none of them looked like a perfect citizen.
"We're not going to hurt you" said the one from greed,
"As if!" Sophia spat grabbing Emma's and Catherine's hands and pulled them away, since Sophia was the oldest of us, she felt that she was responsible to take care of us. The one with glasses held both hands up, in one hand he held a book with a white stone with a sort of symbol engraved on it, I was right he was from pride, and the blond had a bracelet with a white stone. Engraved on them was the symbol that all the tribes shared, a symbol made of a small circle with a line piercing through it, inside the circle was a kind of sideways ‘M’.
 Each tribe had a colour of their sin gluttony was purple, pride was white, lust was red, greed was silver, envy was green, sloth was blue and wraith was black, each person from the tribe had a stone of their colour to show which tribe they belong to. Nobody knew who designed the tribes, but did know who is in charge of things now, Lucy. Lucy was like a queen but a cruel queen who was brutal and gruesome and would killed anyone who got in her way but nobody knew what she looked like not even her guards, most guards were found dead within a day of leaving her security force.
"We are not going to hurt you we promise" said the one with glasses smiling a soft a smile,
 “Cross our hearts" grinned the guy with blond hair, Sophia glared at the man with dark eyes whom glared back,
"I swear we won't unless you do..." Said the dark eyed man tilting his head in a curious way, Sophia eyes softened slightly
"He is telling truth " Sophia said letting go of Emma's and Catherine's hands, "what do you want ?"
"To give you a chance help us" smiled the kind eyed man
"Why would we want to do that?" Emma snapped,
"Because it gives you a chance to find our tribe, and gives you a home" smirked the one with glasses "how rude of me, not introducing myself, my name is Tom" he bowed
"My name is Demos" smiled the kind eyed man,
"I’m Fabien please to meet you lovely ladies" grinned the messy haired man, making a little mock bow, Catherine giggled and he winked in her direction,
"Aron" muttered the dark haired man , then his eyes locked onto something behind Demos "Demos turn around slowly, no sudden movements please ladies" Aron turned his back to us, “Demos, Fabien, Tom, create a distraction please” and with that he melted into the shadows.

So Sally has been doing grammatical editing, and im not sure if she did this one, but I impatiently wanted to supply you with some story, so here you go, sorry if there is any mistakes!
- Jamie
P.S my friend who is writing this story has given me 70% of the story, she just wants to make a manga out of it.

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