Help! A Monster Ate My Creativity


1. Prologue: The Dream

I booted up my laptop; it hummed and whirred. The screen flashed and I click on the document icon; ready to add more to the story I was writing. I blinked, unable to believe what I was not seeing, My Documents was empty.

I searched the computer for the files. Nothing, no stories, no poems. Nothing. It was like they had never being created.

Where else could they be? I jammed the USB stick into the socket... Empty. Slam! My window burst open; paper, my writing note, flew everywhere. Thud, a beast leaped through the open window. It's claws shred the carpet, drool hung from its lips. The huge body like an over-sized dog's took up most of the space in my room. It shakes its head, mane rippling drool going everywhere, snatches a mouthful of flying papers and grows. I scream. It turns its glowing eyes on to me and licks its canines.

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