Help! A Monster Ate My Creativity


3. Chapter Two: Escape Attemp

When the golden light streams thought my window. I realize I didn't sleep a wink last night after my talk with Harm. Why stay in bed any longer? I wasn't going to get any more sleep! By the time Mama knock on my door to tell me to wake up. (I have a record of sleeping in and missing the bus.) I surprise her by walking out of the bathroom, dressed and showered.


“Morning, Mama.” I hug her


“Morning, Divino.” She kisses me on the head then she surveys my room. “You need to tidy up in here.”


“I will after school.” I say throwing my school books into my bag.

It hasn't been proven yet but I think the messiness keeps the monsters away. Harm just snorts and calls me a slob. Neat freak.


“Divino,” Mama picks up a piece of card board lieing against my bed. “What is this?”


“No Mama!”


Little monster's prison! It took the opportunity. I luge at it and land right on top of it.


“Mama!” I hold out my hand for the card board. “It's for a school project can I have it back please?”


Kinda hard to sound natural while onto of a squirming monster. She hands it back to me. I grab little monster, throw it back under my bed and slam the card board, which I image as high security prison bars, against my bed. A mournful whine emits from under the bed.


“Divino, are you okay.” Mama asks with all the motherly affection a mother can summon when they think that their children might be slightly insane.


“Fine. Like I said school project. Please, please don't touch or move the cardboard.” I beg her


She shakes her head probably thinking about teenagers and their fantasies.


After a quick breakfast, I grab my bag and meet Harm at the end of my street.

Harmony Nation is of average hight with a not so average personality. Her bright red hair testifies to that fact. When I greet her, her green eyes sparkle.


“So did you get any sleep last night?” She asks

“Not a wink and then little monster nearly escaped.” I rub my forehead


We walk, chatting, to school. The school grounds are crowded with people. Opportunist monsters hang around the fence. We watch as one hooks itself on to a students shoulder. Harm pulls out a hair clip cross bow loads a match, dripping with killer imagination, aims then fires. The monster disappears in a explosion of smoke.


“All in a days work.” Harm murmurs


To kill a monster you must use creativity which makes up most of a monster's diet.

Get your weapon imagined wrong and it will feed the monster making it grow. Get it right and the monster exploded leaving behind all the stuff it has consumed in the past twenty-four hours.

We prefer to get it right.


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