Help! A Monster Ate My Creativity


4. Chapter Three: Dominic West

Dominic “Dom” West is the third person in our team. If you want you can give him some sympathy because he is the only guy in our team. Dom is an artist, rep Basketball player, and Harm's secret crush. I didn't just say that. He and Harm's family's have been friends since the dinos were walking on the earth. I am super lucky to have these two as my best friends.


Dom was now walking towards us.


“Hey!” Harm calls “Did you team win?”


He smiles “Yes.”


“We, well mainly Drew, has some news.” Harm says


Dom looks at me “What is it?”


I take a breath and tell him about my dream.


When I had finished the colour had drained from Dom's face. Harm noticed it as well.


“Dom?” She puts a hand on his shoulder “Are you okay?”


“ Yeah fine.” He lets out a shaky breath “While I was away, I met a beast of that description. It tried to eat my backpack.”


Dom's backpack is his priced possession in it are his best pieces of art work.


“But it didn't eat your pack.” Harm touched his backpack


Dom shakes his head “It did.”


We stare at Dom.


“Then how?” I ask


“I managed to kill it but not before...” He pushes up his right long sleeve “Its claw got me.”

Around his arm is a thick white bandage; the skin around the bandage is a pale blue colour.


“Mum thinks I has doing something boyish and stupid.” Dom, gingerly, touches the bandage


Harm's head snaps up “She can see your wound?!?”


Dom nods


“But it was made by a monster; only we should be able to see it.”


“You would think.” Dom comments


Dom's injury has made me really nervous. If the monsters can now hurt us then we were no longer safe. Well, we were never safe but now seeing the monster had become dangerous. 

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