Help! A Monster Ate My Creativity


2. Chapter One: Aftermath

I bolt up in bed. The nightmare had felt real and was real for me some of the times. I let out a shaky breath. At least it was a dream. Feeling around in the dark for my phone, it gets knocked of my bedside table. I hear it hit the ground and the screen flashes on. A long tongue flicks out and touches my phone.


“Oh no you don't.” I tell the monster that really does live under my bed. “You are not eating this. Far to much creativity which will make you grow in to a big strong monster and I really don't need that extra problem.”


There was a whine and whimper followed by scrabbling noises. As it tried to get out from under my bed. It couldn't. The creature was locked under there by maximum security imagination. I did a quick check to see if the poison I imaged on to the bars, of the prison, was still thickly coated on. It was.


Feeling as safe as I would ever be with the aftermath of a bad dream and the monster under the bed not going anywhere. I dial my friend Harmony's, Harm for short, number.


Ring. Ring. Ring. Three times. Yes, it was midnight but she normally picked up on the second ring.


“If it goes to voice mail...” I mutter


Luckily I wasn't able to finish my threat. A very sleepy Harmony mumbled


“Dominic, what are you doing calling me now.” I could tell she was going to keep lecturing me


“Harm, it Drew not Dominic.” I interrupt her “Anyway he calls you this late?”


“What no! I was just.” She groans “Never mind.”


There was a pause “Why are you calling me?”


“I had a nightmare.”


“Drew, we get nightmare all the time. The scary thing is when they actually happen.”


“I know, I just need to tell you about it.”


“Go on.” 


“The monster was an Alpha...”


There was a low whistle from Harm.


“And it looked at me, walked up to me and I think would have hurt me if I hadn't woken up.”


Can you get injure from a dream? I wonder


“That is really bad. Wait, that is an understatement. It's extremely bad.”


“What do we do?”


“I'm not sure. Tomorrow Dom is coming back from his basketball finals. We will talk about it then.”


“Thanks, Harm.”


“Your welcome, Drew, sleep well.”


We both laugh because that wasn't going to happen. I hang up and lie back down.

It looked at me. The monster actually saw me. Normally they don't. Aside from the little monster under my bed; they ignore you and ate your creativity. Why then did it notice me?

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