My first story for movellas, I figured I'd write a short or long poem (depicting on whether or not i get anywhere with this) Just about why i chose my name for movellas and a bit about me


1. Their story

Silence Of The Story


Written or spoken

Drawn or Painted

My story is my freedom


Quiet or loud

Exclaiming "How proud"

Tis my story 

Not your quarry


Often concerned is the common man

So much so his story goes quiet 

Forgotten in time, never remembered

A spark of freedom never kindled


I live in a much different way

Making sure my story is heard

As well as the others lost in the fray 

Whose story is often deterred


It is simple really

My ultimate goal

I want to write a story

So those who i have known,

Loved, hated,


Lost or gained,

Seen or not

Their story shall not be slurred

For the silence of my story 

Shall go unheard



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