She Doesn't Know

Cherish is an innocent 21 year old who has never done drugs, alcohol, or never even had sex. As her finals come up she soon sees the world another way.


2. Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Kendall watches me as I easily and carefully apply my makeup. He watches every brush stroke, every simple move. "What?" I smirked at him. He looks me in the eyes and whispers how beautiful I am. "Alright, keep quite." I shushed him and doubled checked myself. Perfect. My blue hazel eyes were easily seen as my blonde rough hair is pinned up in the back. The black lace dresses reached to the middle of my thigh with my lace heels. I spun around and looked at Kendall who wore his usual leather jacket with a peach pollster shirt and his dark blue jeans with work boots. I began walking out of the house hearing him follow close behind. "So where are we going?" I asked him as I walked from heel to toe down the street. "What about the nightclub?" He jogged to keep up. The nightclub is only a few stores away. We could easily walk there.

Once we got inside we were blasted with heat and music. "Let's dance!" He shouted over the music. I could barely hear him. So I took his hand and dragged him to the dance floor. He grinded his hips into mine; dancing along with the beat of the music. "I'm going to get us some drinks!!" He shouted louder than last time. I nodded and watched him walk off. "Cherish." A heavy voice was calling out for me. I stopped dancing and looked around with a scared/confused look. Everyone around me was busy dancing and shouting over the music. I ignored my imagination and continued to dance alone; waiting for Kendall to get back. "CHERISH!" The same voice echoed in my ears. This time without hesitation I spun around with my heart pounding. My ears began ringing and pain shot through my head. I fell to the knees holding my head screaming as loud as I possibly could. Nobody heard me. Nobody saw me. Mysterious hands picked me up and I quickly fell into the mystery guy's chest. "You alright?" His voice matched the one calling my name.

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