She Doesn't Know

Cherish is an innocent 21 year old who has never done drugs, alcohol, or never even had sex. As her finals come up she soon sees the world another way.


3. Chapter Three

Chapter Three

His lips were inches away from my ear. "Who are you?" I scaredly pushed him away. I watched his lips slowly form into a smirk. "Zayn." He easily said his name like it was no big deal. I glanced over to Kendall; he was too occupied with a petite black haired girl. "Don't worry about him. Worry about right now." Zayn pulled my attention back to him. "I don't know you." I shook my head and eased myself out of his grip. He raised an eyebrow to me. "Isn't that why you come to clubs? To 'hook up' with people. To meet new people." The look in his eyes pulling my curiosity closer. "Let me show you how to enjoy yourself." I gave him a questioned look after he said those words to me. "What do you mean?" I stepped out of his reach. He quickly reached out; his hand coming in contact with the side of my face. "Let me show you another world." He mysteriously whispered as he bent his face towards my neck. A stinging sharp pain shot throughout my neck. I felt my blood being sucked out of me. "S-stop." I barely got out in a whisper. I attempted to push him away but he was stone against my noodle strength. "KENDALL." I attempted to shout out to Ken. To try to get him to notice me; to notice I'm in danger. Zayn's grip tightened on my neck, I could hear him growl as he bit harder into my neck. I placed my hands on his chest. There's no heartbeat. "Please... Don't kill me." I suddenly realized what his intentions were. What he was going to do to me. He's a ... Vampire. If he drinks all my blood... I die. "Zayn... Please. I beg of you." My body was pressed up against his now. One of his hands is centered in the middle of my back. The other holding my neck. Our hips are joining and pressed up against eachother. "Zayn." A smaller voice makes Zayn cower in it's presence.

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