She Doesn't Know

Cherish is an innocent 21 year old who has never done drugs, alcohol, or never even had sex. As her finals come up she soon sees the world another way.


1. Chapter One

Chapter One

I pick up my pace as the wind blew my hair in crazy directions. The sun just set and a few people stray along on the common grounds of the college. A chill crawled up my spine as the temperature dropped. The News said it would be 80 all week. Dark clouds covered the sky leaving a body shaking grumble of thunder. My heels clicked and echoed as I saw my home in the distance. I smiled and did a little jog. Warm hands formed around my neck as I was jerked back into the darkness. "Don't say a word." A husky voice threatened. In matter of seconds I quickly realized who it was. "Kendall!" I giggled and pushed him away. "What are you doing walking alone out here in the dark?" He gave me a questioned look. "I was on my way home from the study." I quickly explained which answered his question. "Why go home? It's a Friday night! Let's go party! Please!" He begged as he held me tight. "We have finals in three weeks, Ken." I sighed. He groaned and begged me. "Fine. Alright. Fine. Let me go change. I look like a little girl." I gave in to his babyness. He shouted and applaud me as we made our way to my house.

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