Viva se Potete

"Despite the amount of different stories told about this place, they all had the same, clear meaning - enter this school and you will never be seen again."
There sits an abandoned school, in the darkness of a small town. No-one dares to say what happened to it, except for the old rumours going round. But, how can you tell fact from fiction in this place, especially if no-one can be sure? The only way to do that is to find out yourself, like a group of teenagers did.
~ I've basically just written most of this and not looked at it again, since I'm trying to finish it and then edit, so CC would be greatly appreciated, as it would make the later editing much easier! ~


1. Prologue

They knew neither of them would get out. What started out as a simple investigation had turned into a nightmare which just wouldn't stop. The three other officers – ones who had entered with them, who had been friends with them since the beginning of their careers - had already lost to this creature. There was no way out, from this point onwards. As they neared what they thought could be an exit, they ran headfirst into a dead end. Moving exits; false hope; letting the group believe they were one step ahead; this creature definitely had a sick sense of humour.

It was like one of those old Doctor Who episodes, running up and down the same endless corridors. Except that the monsters were a lot more realistic, with their impossible plans and vile torture weapons. Instead of killing off those brave enough to venture these hallways, though, they had let them kill themselves off. Merely putting the hole in the correct place for you to fall down, as some may see it. There had been no murder from them, if you look at it in that way; they had created illusions to trick the group into murdering each other or themselves. That's how three lives had been taken, with two more only minutes away.

The footsteps behind them had slowly been drawing nearer to the fearful figures and would come round the corner any second now. Even though the smoke and mirror had worked thrice already, it was clear that the last two were going to be much harder to manipulate. There was nothing left that could be done, other than to see the unmasked silhouettes which had been hiding in the shadows.

The men were, at this point, saying their last goodbyes to friends and relatives, for they knew there could be no way out without fighting. Even then, it was highly unlikely to affect the outcome. The figure immerged from the only area not surrounded by light and both men's eyes widened. It was only a myth: there was no way the stories could be true! Many other reasons behind this nightmare had crossed their mind, but none seemed like as much of a fairy tale as the reality. Yet, this impossible creature was not only real, but in front of them.

It was hard to believe that a single day ago, everyone was alive. And thriving, considering at least one of them was hopefully going to get a promotion. Just one more investigation, they’d been told to complete. Of course, they had to have chosen the one which would get them all killed. As the creature drew nearer, both policemen mentally cursed their boss, for suggesting a job which would get them killed. Of course, that wasn’t going to slow down their death, but they were happier from doing it.

Both men looked at each other, not daring to look at the monstrous being seconds away from killing them. Then, death claimed another two victims.

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