Viva se Potete

"Despite the amount of different stories told about this place, they all had the same, clear meaning - enter this school and you will never be seen again."
There sits an abandoned school, in the darkness of a small town. No-one dares to say what happened to it, except for the old rumours going round. But, how can you tell fact from fiction in this place, especially if no-one can be sure? The only way to do that is to find out yourself, like a group of teenagers did.
~ I've basically just written most of this and not looked at it again, since I'm trying to finish it and then edit, so CC would be greatly appreciated, as it would make the later editing much easier! ~


6. Chapter 5

I suppose I should have guessed something like that would happen. I mean, was this room really going to be immune from the horror that were hidden in this building? No, of course not. Maybe this had all happened before, the two groups prior to us possibly putting as much faith into this room as we had. If the school had been able to judge most of our moves so far, who’s to say we won’t continue to go on the same room. Funnily, even now I wouldn’t completely cross out that theory, though something was definitely going to be different with what happened to us.

Judging by the gasps of the people around me, everyone else had seen what had been hidden in plain sight. Everyone except Amelia, that is, who was still shaking in the corner. “Amelia Jones, move away from that corner this instant.” I said, trying not to raise my voice too much. She clearly didn’t get the hint though. “What?! I just almost died and you’re telling me to not sit in the corner?! Despite, what you may believe, Isobel, I am not moping, so why on earth would you tell me not to sit here? I am just a bit shaken up, that’s all." She continued to sit there, looking a bit miffed.

“Stubborn girl,” I heard Eve mutter under her breath. I think all of us agreed with that, as Amelia had never been one for taking orders from others (hence why she’d always been the one to get into the most trouble). “Amelia Anya Jones, look at the ceiling, and then come over here, so we can all get out!” Eve was probably one of the better people to say this, seeing as she could say it with meaning, without shouting enough for the knives to fall.

“What are you on-“ Amelia was cut off at the sight of the weapons. A look of understanding planted itself on her face, before she attempted to walk slowly towards us. This plan was discarded as another knife fell, once again merely centimetres away from the terrified teen. She looked at all of us with a look adorning her face which could only be translated to mean ‘run!’ We all made a move for the door, our footsteps slowly getting quicker as knives, which were once climbing the walls, now fell in rhythm with one another. Suddenly, a pounding upstairs could be hear, one which caused vibrations to overcome the entire room. “Um, I think that means we should run.” Rani said, stating the obvious.

Crash! Bang! Crash! One by one, knives fell, each time aiming for an area of floor we were once standing upon. These sounds surrounded us, forcing us to run as quickly as an athlete could. One by one, we got to the door and it was only when we got outside, to the mould ridden corridor, that we realised what we’d missed in our haste.

Eve. She was still in there. Presumably, she’d dropped the notebooks and deemed them too important not to pick up. We all watched as she stumbled across the slippery floor, weaving between the fireworks of death, which constantly circled her. “Eve!” I heard Rani scream behind me, as we all watched in horror, at the scene which was highly likely to end in a deathly situation. Quite literally. Now that I look back, I wonder why I didn’t intervene sooner. But then I realise we were all cowards, frozen by the fact we knew we might not survive. Except Amelia, that is.

“Don’t worry Eve, the hero will save you!” I winced at this, not just because of the choice of wording, but also because of the fact the volume she was saying it at was never going to help, and instead was more likely to hinder, what with the falling knives being pulled down by gravity. I felt the sharp breeze of wind, as she ran past. Dancing around the potential murderers, Amelia expertly found her way around and searched for Eve. However, due to the wall of metal blades, the two girls circled around one another, unbeknownst to either one of them. So, it was only when Eve got through the door that they both realised what had happened. And it was because of this realisation that Amelia stopped in shock; a grave mistake, which we all realised as a knife found its way into her skull, impaling her head and causing her to fall.

If this had been where the rain had stopped, then we could have saved her. However, we weren’t so lucky and instead got to watch as more and more lethal objects struck at the most vital of body parts, until all that was left was a porcupine of a corpse. As we all stared in horror at the unrealistic sight before us, I took note at the fact this once pristinely white room was now splattered with crimson blood, causing the once innocent room to look like something which had been attacked by hell. Suddenly, the door swung shut on its own, as if knowing that we would not move as long as Amelia’s lifeless body was in sight.

As we all stood silently once again, I felt everything rush through me at once. The good memories, the bad ones and the ones in between, which no-one ever knows what to make of. I am sure that everyone was doing the same, as I saw everyone’s expressions. Rani had her eyes closed tightly, as she failed to prevent tears from decorating her face; Eve just stared at the white door, her expression emotionless; Jacob had just shaking his head unable to absorb the situation, while hugging Freddy to him, concealing the younger boy’s face, though I could see Jacob’s t-shirt slowly drowning in the tears. To say no-one could make sense of what had just happened was an understatement.

Eve would have got out anyway, yet Amelia still paid the price for being the only one of us brave enough to try and save her. What the lesson we were supposed to be getting was, I don’t know. That you’re more likely to survive if you’re a coward? That people will die, if they try to save those who are cowards? Was the monster trying to tell us that we shouldn’t bother being brave, because we’ll just die anyway? Two of us now had lost their lives; one for trying to escape, another for attempting to be a hero and save someone in potential danger. What did that say for the rest of us? Would we get out?

We were all awoken from our state of mourning when the world around us began to shake, reminding us that there was in fact a monster that could appear at any second and kill us. We all looked at each other, silently agreeing that now was probably the best time to leave and attempt to find somewhere else to talk. Quickly, we made our way down the dusty corridor, through the mould ridden door at the end.


In the end, we made the decision to go in the first classroom that we could, albeit only for a bit. We knew now that we couldn’t make the mistake of feeling safe in a particular room again; not after what happened to Amelia. The first thing any of us did, when we entered was thoroughly check the room over. It was once again identical to the others and didn't look like it had any potentially lethal traps in it. Vaguely satisfied with this, we sat at adjacent chairs and looked at each other, willing someone else to start. Luckily for the rest of us, Eve was that person.

Taking a deep breath, she looked all of us in the eye. “Alright, is anyone going to tell me what just happened? Because, one moment you are all in front of me, practically out of the door, then I’m looking behind me, to see the mangled body of Amelia flippin’ Jones.” Her voice was deathly quiet, causing all of us to flinch. Who could tell her that Amelia had died when she tried going back for her? It was clear that no-one here would have the heart to explain it. Not that we’d be able to explain it, that is; it happened so quickly.

“It doesn’t matter what happened”, Rani said softly. “It’s the fact that she’s gone that’s important, and, if we don’t figure out a plan soon, so will we.” I couldn’t help but look at my twin in surprise at this. She’s never been very good when it comes to this sort of thing, so she’s the last person I would have expected to speak first. But, this school changes people. I mean, when I looked around, everyone was acting differently to how they would’ve done before today; Freddy and Jacob seemed… closer, somehow; Eve was sitting in an isolated corner, clearly silently fuming; Rani, for once, seemed to be the only one of us to be fairly unaffected, the only slight hint to suggest otherwise being a small amount shaking. I have no idea how this whole ordeal had affected me though it must have done somehow.

I walked over to Rani and sat down in the empty chair next to her. "Hey," I said softly, trying not to make her jump as I pulled her from her clearly deep thoughts. She looked up at me in surprise,  before her face fell back into a suspiciously relaxed smile. "What's wrong?" I asked, not buying it for a second. She may have faked any emotion well, but I could still see the hint of worry in her amber eyes, ones which were so much like our Aunt Romana's. She'd never been one to convey emotions, so we had to learn from quite a young age to guess how she was feeling.

Rani sighed, suddenly becoming interested in the ground. "I should have stopped us from ever coming to this place." Looking up at me, it was clear that she felt like all of the fault was hers. "Don't you see, Isa? If I had tried harder to keep us all from coming, the-"

"Then we probably would have come without you." I interrupted, "And then, what would've happened to Amelia when she'd been injured? She would have died there and then, meaning there's a chance Eve would have also died. You're a hero too - don't forget it."

I could have kicked myself for us in the term 'hero' with the state Amelia was in but I had to convey my point somehow. Even if it meant picking the most vulnerable words to use. Besides, we had to figure out how we were going to get out of here first, something which wasn't going to be any easier if we waste time mourning those who couldn't escape. But how could I get them to see that?

Rani's breathing had slowed down by a fraction, though I knew she was still tense. "I don't think you can help me, Isobel. The guilt is eating me too quickly. Every time I close my eyes - even for a millisecond - tha-that thing! I can see it in my mind, staring at me with those cold, accusing eyes. It tells me what I've caused, as well as what it predicts I will come to do. I'm scared for you Isobel! I'm scared for Eve and Jacob and Freddy, terrified even. What if I do something which will put one of you in danger?! I've lost two of my closest friends in a matter of hours. What if I lose them all?!"

Rani was now slightly rocking back and forth, as i knew scarring pictures were flashing through her mind, like gunshots. What could I do? She was clearly having a mental breakdown, one which I had no idea how to stop. And the others were certainly in no position to help. All I knew I could do was sit down, think of a plan and hope the breakdown would ease off. Mind you, time seemed to be slipping from our grasps, as the monster neared, so I'd have to think quickly.


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