Viva se Potete

"Despite the amount of different stories told about this place, they all had the same, clear meaning - enter this school and you will never be seen again."
There sits an abandoned school, in the darkness of a small town. No-one dares to say what happened to it, except for the old rumours going round. But, how can you tell fact from fiction in this place, especially if no-one can be sure? The only way to do that is to find out yourself, like a group of teenagers did.
~ I've basically just written most of this and not looked at it again, since I'm trying to finish it and then edit, so CC would be greatly appreciated, as it would make the later editing much easier! ~


4. Chapter 3

The monster in the doorway was a giant, compared to us. It was the height of the doorway, with an almost mustard yellow body and two muddy brown eyes, which were now glaring at me with all the hatred in the world, plus a clear intention of killing all four of us. Behind me, I heard Jacob muttering, “Get back, Isobel… Get back…” Yet, my feet had been grabbed by the pristine floor beneath me, meaning I could not comply. I could tell fear was showing in my eyes, as the monster in front of me gave out an indistinguishable, but triumphant noise, startling not only me, but the three others behind me. As the club began to make its descent, my brain suddenly remembered to move and I fell back, emitting a small scream. Amelia pulled me back, into the safety of the others, while she stepped forward, to face the thing in the doorway. “I’ll protect you lot,” She exclaimed very loudly, almost making the creature cover its ears, “I’ll show this thing why it shouldn’t mess with Amelia Jones!” Running up to the doorway, she was getting ready to jump on the thing and attack it, before it attacked us. I’m not entirely sure how she was going to do this, but it looked kind of cool. However, this was in vain, as the monster merely hit her in the stomach and sent her flying into the back wall, a sickening crack ringing out and bouncing through our ears.

“Amelia!” I cried out to my clearly injured friend. She looked up at me, panting for breath, before slowly getting up a few moments later. She must have been an idiot for trying to defend us against the clearly more powerful creature. A heroic, brilliant idiot, who picked up the chair behind the desk and charged at the beast of a thing, impaling it in the body, hands and arms. I don’t think any of us understood what happened next, but there was a slight pause (in confusion and shock, I suppose) and the thing fell back, disappearing before its head could collide with the floor. All of us stood there for a while, not really knowing what to say. It’s only when Amelia fainted and I heard Rani scream at the sight of blood, contrasting and almost glowing brightly on the crystal white floor, that I made any attempt to move.

“Okay, does anything have any objects that can stop bleeding?” Rani asked me and Jacob. When we both said no, she panicked slightly, before picking up her bag; inside was one of her favourite cardigans, which had been made from some fairly cheap fabric. Rani then proceeded to tearing off a small bit from the end and wrapping it securely around Amelia’s head. I went over to her and, without looking at Amelia, in case there was any blood (I don’t do well around blood), quietly asked if Rani had any pens. Once she said yes, I took two of the three ones off of her and pocketed them.

Ten minutes later, we were still in the same place, in the same situation. Amelia hadn’t woken up and Rani was still worrying about any permanent damage. She’d been training in first aid for at least a year now, but still couldn’t be sure of what was causing the damage, with the little supplies we had. Jacob, on the other hand, was worrying about the rest of the group, who were on the level above us. What if the monster had attacked them as well? Would they be as lucky as we had? I could see where Jacob was coming from, but that meant that the only option was to split up further. In the end, we decided that Jacob and I would go in search of the others, to bring them down to the ‘Impossible Room’, as we called it. Rani would stay here and look after Amelia, until we got back.


"Where are they?!" I could tell by Jacob's voice he was getting frantic. I could understand why, as well. We'd looked in every room on the upper floor, yet our three other friends have vanished off of the face of the earth. As we turned back and began to walk back, the sound of an object smashing created chaos in the silence of the hall. Rooted to the floor once again, I remember feeling fear flood through my body. What was behind us; the monster, or something even more terrifying? Looking through the corner of my eye, I saw what had created the smash.


Behind the now flinching girl was the two others, though their faces were masked by the shadows surrounding them. "Freddie! You're alright!" Jacob was definitely happy to see the three of them, as shown when he decided to hug Freddie. Freddie, of course, looked a bit shocked at the fact he was being embraced and I can understand why. If they hadn't seen the monster, which was probably the case, then they wouldn't understand our worries.

"Um, Jacob? Could you get off of me? Please? I can't really breathe." With this, Jacob finally got off and a coughing Freddie gasped for air. Eve had obviously decided that a change of subject was needed, because the atmosphere was getting especially awkward. "So, why are you two up here? Shouldn't you be downstairs with Amelia and Rani?" Jacob and I looked at each other, before silently agreeing that Jacob should explain.

"Well, we-" Before he could start to tell the others what was going on, we all heard some heavy footsteps coming from the end of the hallway. The sinking feeling in my stomarch told me that the two of us knew what was coming and I now wish we had pulled them out of the corridor and into one of the rooms. But, the others stood their ground, while we tried to make a run for it, meaning that the familiar yellow thing was soon standing in a doorway, ready to claim our lives.

"Come on, you idiotas! Run!" I was beginning to feel my bad-temper rising and if they hadn't complied, then the creature wouldn't have been the only thing I'd had a go at.
Now, all I could see was the problem stood in front of me and my senses blocked out all else trying to distract me. As I charged, the took out the pens in my pocket and, clicking the point out of the top, pierced both of its arms, in a way not unlike one of those injections. The ink went into the monster's bloodstream (if it had one, that is) and its loud, pained screams sliced through the air, causing all of us to flinch and step back. Once again, it began to fall and disappeared split second before it could collide with the filthy floor. I felt a sense of déjà vu and put the stationary in my pockets once more. I knew they would come in handy.

“Okay, is anyone going to tell us what just happened?” Obviously the other three would be very confused, so, while I tried to get my breath back, Jacob explained what the situation was. Well, kind of. “Basically, that thing appears out of nowhere and tries to kill us. It did the same downstairs and Amelia got hurt fighting it. Let’s all go down there now.” As he walked off, dragging a now even more confused Freddy with him, I had to roll my eyes at his not so good attempt at reassuring the others. Eve turned to me, hoping that I would elaborate, but I could barely say we’d explain when we met up with the other two, without coughing and wheezing. As we walked down the stairs together, Eve walked next to me, looking like she wanted to say something, but thought it better not to.


“Let me get this straight. Rani and I send you two up there to find the others, assuming nothing would happen, and then you come back and tell us that you’ve fought this monster for the second time, but without getting hurt? Are you flipping mad, Isobel?!” Amelia was definitely feeling better, thanks to Rani nursing her back to health. She had woken up some time after we’d left and wasn’t too pleased with the fact I’d fought the creature without her. I resisted the urge to tell her that actually, only Rani sent us to find the other three and instead replied with, “Only because I knew the weaknesses from when you fought it. Otherwise, we probably wouldn’t have escaped scar-free. You know, you’re the real hero, ‘Melia.” My choice of words worked, as she looked a bit happier at being called the hero.

We were all in a circle, with almost all of us alert and listening. The only reason I say almost all of us is because of the fact Rani and Eve were sitting there, flicking through pictures Eve had on her phone, of something. I couldn’t help but wonder what it was; however, I had to keep my attention on the main conversation. Between the four of us, we'd explained what we had found out downstairs and were hoping to find out what the others had learnt.

“I’ll tell you what happened.” Emily said clearly.
“We went up there not really expecting anything. I mean, of course we weren’t. This was supposed to be some old school with nothing in it, which is the cover story we believed for the majority of our time searching up there. It wasn’t very interesting at first; dusty walls and floors, classrooms looking pretty normal for that time. It was actually a bit boring, really. Then, Freddy noticed something. That there was a diary under one of the desks. Of course, we had to look through it, though it didn't make much sense. It kept on talking about a creature of horror, which roamed a haunted building and was chasing after them, with the intent to kill. I guess we understand that now. We also found this with it." With this, Emily put a rugged, red notebook in the centre of the circle, along with a copper key. Once again, it triggered something in my memory, though I couldn't place it exactly.

"Hey, didn't we find a key like that? It was in one of the desks that we looked in. All of the others had exactly the same items in, other than that." Amelia said, apparently being the first one to place the item. Now that I thought about it, I did remember the key, also small but with in different colour. If only I'd picked it up. Jacob picked up the key and asked, "But, what does it unlock?" I don't think any of us had thought about that, though the two keys were almost definitely connected to each other. Maybe they unlocked different doors, in the same area, or maybe they were separate keys for the same item/door? One thing was for sure, though; it would definitely be our next lead.

"Can I have a look at the diary?" Rani piped up, apparently done with her side conversation. Someone passed her the book and she flicked through it. "Oh, and the one we found as well." Jacob passed her that book, the almost sickeningly sweet unicorn on the front dancing in the light. Someone had very bad taste in notebooks. After a few minutes, Rani spoke up again. "Hey, come and have a look at this!" We all crowded around her, to which she shrunk back a bit; she's never been very good with personal space. "I've had a quick look through the two diaries and I think they are connected. See, this one I almost completely blank, except for a couple of words, right?" We all nodded in agreement about this, despite the fact none of us had seen both notebooks, excluding Rani. "Well I think I finally understand why.

"You see, it's not blank as much, but more written using a special pen. Invisible ink, if you will. The other book suggests that it's written by a policeman or woman, most likely one of the ones that was searching here not a few months ago. So, it would make sense that they couldn't leave their notebooks, with critical information, just lying around for anyone to see, wouldn't it? By the looks of the little data we can get to, the 'name' is in code. So that maybe no-one would pick it up, believe it to be empty and write over it. Though, I don't see why someone would want such a notebook in their possession." Rani looked at the pink sparkles with distain and almost seemed to be forcing herself not to hold it arms length.

"Anyway, it's just a matter of finding out the code. Maybe three of us should stay behind, to look at the diaries more, while the rest of you go and find that other key, as well as what it leads to?" In the end we decided that Eve, Amelia and Rani would stay behind, while myself, Emily, Jacob and Freddy searched. Why did we split up again? To save time, I guess. The sooner we found out what was going on with the school, the sooner we could leave, as only a couple of us were willing to leave empty handed, at this point in time.

Others, like myself, were just too headstrong, a quality which would create a bad situation.

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