Viva se Potete

"Despite the amount of different stories told about this place, they all had the same, clear meaning - enter this school and you will never be seen again."
There sits an abandoned school, in the darkness of a small town. No-one dares to say what happened to it, except for the old rumours going round. But, how can you tell fact from fiction in this place, especially if no-one can be sure? The only way to do that is to find out yourself, like a group of teenagers did.
~ I've basically just written most of this and not looked at it again, since I'm trying to finish it and then edit, so CC would be greatly appreciated, as it would make the later editing much easier! ~


12. Chapter 11

"What? H-how? Why?" I stammered, not being able to display my disbelief through words. I knew this woman was crazy before, but if she's going to kill my friends and then suspend them in some weird, gooey substance, how is she not in a mental asylum?!

The tubes surrounded me in a triangle, so that where ever I looked, I could see the three bodies. But, worst of all was when I noticed Sabrina standing next to the last tube. The one with the sheet over it.

"Hey, Isa! How would you like to see my newest creation?" The sound of my nickname sent chills around me. However, it was clear to me what would be under there, before she had uncovered it.


Whatever substance was containing her electrocuted body had done some good - that I could admit. At least now I could see her with her eyes closed,  in a more peaceful manner. I wouldn't have to hear her petrified scream everytime i saw the last image in my eye.

"You see? You're not freaking out over it. That's the sort of person I want for a friend, because there will be a lot more horrifying things, so long as people keep on medling with us. So, any chance you'll let me change you willingly?"

I looked her in the eye and everything I had deduced about her so far came together. She used to have so much, but then lost it all to everyone else. Now, she was clinging to the happiness of the past she once had, and is trying to relieve her loneliness through finding friends. Of course, she's going about it in entirely the wrong way, but the longing was there underneath. But, when I dug a little deeper, i could see that this thirst wasn't going to be quenched any time soon, and that despite her 'good' intentions, it was all for personal gain. And that wasn't something I was planning on throwing away my life for.

"Sorry, but no. I'd rather get out of here or die trying than to stay and be one of your little rag dolls."

With this, her eyes hardened, and her mask reappeared, a smirk becoming readorned on her face. "Pity. I thought I was going to get you then, but you're stronger than i thought. For a second there I was torn; I wanted to finally have someone who didn't fight back, but at the same time, it's kinda fun seeing you rebel. Especially since it's a rebellion that would never succeed. Michael!"

Out of the crowd, one of the many creatures stepped forward and stood next to Sabrina. She turned to him and said, "Hold her still while the transformation begins." Wordlessly, he nodded and made his way towards me. That might have been a good point for me to have had some epic escape plan, which would take place around this time. But, I did not, which made my attempts to stay away from the ex-human seem pretty useless.

He ended up grabbing me in almost a bear hug, pinning my arms to my sides with one sleeve pushed slightly upwards. It was here that this insane woman decided would be the perfect place to stab me with some sort of syringe. As I felt more than a pin prick, I hissed in pain and tried to move my arm away. But, alas I had no such luck and could feel the darkness from the injection circling and infecting every part of my body. Until I was suddenly aware I could not see anything and that i seemed to be falling asleep...





I turned around to see my other half. "Rani? What's going on?"

She smiled sadly and shook her head. "I'm afraid we both know that it is highly unlikely that I'm really Rani. No, I'm you. Well, the human side of you anyway. But if we are to beat this... this infection." The last word was spat out, like it was an infection itself.

"Don't listen to her!"

We both looked in the other direction to see a figure identical to myself. She was glaring at 'Rani' in a way I would never had. She spoke calmly, never taking her eyes off of the person next to me. "I'm the human one. She's the infection trying to mislead you. She's trying to turn you against yourself, so that the transformation can take effect. If she wins, you'll become a monster like the ones that have killed all of your friends."

"She's lying-"

I held my hands up to ask them both to be quiet. "So, let me get this straight. You two represent two... sides of me and I have to pick a side. If I pick the right side, I can resist the transformation; if I pick wrong, it will take over completely." They both nodded.

"That's correct." Rani said, "But you can trust me, right? I mean, surely you know your twin better than you do yourself, so why couldn't I be the human one?" As logical as that could be, why would I be in the form of someone other than myself? Also, the way she had spoke about the transformation seemed too similar to that of Sabrina.

"Please. Do you really think she's going to buy that?" The clone scoffed, before finally looking me in the eye. "I hate to be harsh, but your sister is dead, Isa. And using her image to manipulate you is the sort of thing they would do."

I nodded, finally having made up my mind. "Sorry, but using Rani isn't going to work. You're bringing back memories that I'd rather forget, really." Standing next to myself, my decision was clear. But it was only when I saw their expression that the full effect dawned on me.

Because, while Rani's face had become more fearful and desperate, the clone's one was no longer hatred or even neutrality, but a smirk. One that was all too familiar.

Her voice was cold as she said triumphantly, "Maybe you should have listened to your other side. After all, it's true what she said; you know your twin better than you do yourself."

Suddenly, she held her hand out towards the trembling girl and shot something out, destroying her on the spot. "No!" I cried out, horrified at the choice I had made.

"Game over."




I refused to open my eyes, for I knew what awaited me. However, when I was eventually forced to, I was greeted with the woman who had just ruined my life, grinning at me.

"Welcome to our ranks. I'm sure you will do well."

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