Viva se Potete

"Despite the amount of different stories told about this place, they all had the same, clear meaning - enter this school and you will never be seen again."
There sits an abandoned school, in the darkness of a small town. No-one dares to say what happened to it, except for the old rumours going round. But, how can you tell fact from fiction in this place, especially if no-one can be sure? The only way to do that is to find out yourself, like a group of teenagers did.
~ I've basically just written most of this and not looked at it again, since I'm trying to finish it and then edit, so CC would be greatly appreciated, as it would make the later editing much easier! ~


2. Chapter 1

We all stood outside the aging academy, unsure of what to say. The horror stories told by the people of this town were definitely understandable. I mean, cracked, mustard yellow paint; almost all of the windows broken; hidden in the darkest corner of an almost invisible town; why wouldn't this be horror-story headquarters? Of course, despite the amount of different stories told, they all had the same, clear meaning - enter this school and you will never be seen again. While some may call this nonsense, the last few groups to enter may say otherwise. Well, if they'd ever been seen again, that is. The aura this place gave off told us to run and never look back, though we all chose to ignore it. If we were to successfully spend a night exploring this infamous place, we could finally crack the mystery to this calamity.

'The Catastrophe' - well, that's what many call this. 15 people now, have entered, but have yet to return. Seeing as the last 5 were policemen investigating, this came as a huge blow to the town, especially seeing as there weren't that many people living here to begin with. Mind you, newspapers all over the UK ate the story up; enjoying the fact they finally had something that would attract the attention of any British person, from Scotland Yard, to workers. That's how a group of curious teens, such as us, came to end up here. It had started out as a joke really, a band of kids, solving the mystery of the missing 15. But, events occurred and, somehow, here we are. I looked around to see the boys pretending they weren't scared, even though they couldn't fool a tree, and the girls, who looked like I felt. Like the moment we entered, we'd be signing our death warrants.

As no-one else was going to speak, I said, "Well? Are we going or not?" Everyone just nodded and walked towards the doors. As I made my way there, my twin, Rani, came up behind me. "Hey Isa, I know we all agreed to this, but do you really think this is a good idea? I mean, we're talking about 15 people here!" Sighing, I continued walking. Rani had been doing this ever since the idea was proposed and it was beginning to get on my nerves.

"Look, if you really don't want to do this, it's fine by me. You've got the money, take the bus home and tell Mama you left the sleepover early. I'm not going to force you to do anything." Continuing towards the doors, I waited, before hearing her run after me. She was never going to let us explore alone.

We all entered the reception only illuminated by lights outside and our flimsy torches, which could stop at any time. There weren't many items in the room, the main ones being the desk and chair, plus a couple of comfy chairs around a coffee table. Without the spooky lighting and the cobweb curtains, it would look like the entrance to a normal school, yet it felt like the opposite. In a way, we all felt like characters in a horror mansion story, the ones that get killed off within the first five minutes. It’s funny how close to reality these stories can be, actually; in other circumstances, I might have laughed, but now wasn't the time and place to do so.

My thoughts were cut off by a voice calling us over to the desk. I knew it was Eve straight away, seeing as she always was the type of person to look at the files and computers to find info, rather than exploring cupboards and rooms, like the rest of us. We all gathered around the desk to see one of those huge, old computers we may have used in year 3. "This doesn't make sense", she said, typing some coding into the computer. "This computer was the kind built in 1988, yet the school closed 20 years beforehand." Hearing this gave me a mix of emotions. While it was good that we wouldn't be bored and could actually find something, the idea we might not be the only ones here made my blood feel frozen. "Well, m-maybe you got the years wrong," Rani said, clearly wanting to bolt out of the door straight away. She was saying it only to calm us down, because it would never be true; Eve’s just one of those people who never gets anything wrong.

The next five minutes weren’t very exciting. While Eve hacked into the prehistoric computer, the rest of us sat in the chairs, making a plan of what we would do. Finally, she’d succeeded and we once again came over to look at what she’d achieved. “Scrolling through the files, I can’t see anything of upmost importance. It’s all lists of the members of staff, finances and other typical school stuff. Though, I did find one link to a website, in the browser history. It seems to be the only thing which seems suspicious.”

Clicking on it, the screen changed to a fairly brightly coloured website, which looked a bit like a multi-media site. There was one short conversation in the centre, between two people.

RedAlert999: Jim? Are you there?
InsertUsernameHere: Yeah, I’m here. Aren’t you supposed to be on duty right now?
RedAlert999: I am. The group’s down at the Catastrophe. You know, that abandoned school? Well, some kids have gone missing and were apparently last spotted going into here. It’s weird, though.
InsertUsernameHere: What is? Is everyone alright?
RedAlert999: Well, no, not really. This thing came out and attacked us, so Maria here’s got injured. Can you call back up? Strangely enough, this is the only way of communicating, right now.
InsertUsernameHere: Okay, I’ll be down with someone in ten. Hang in there.

After the conversation, it looks like they both signed off.  Was that two of the police group that went missing? Because, if so, there’s definitely something else in this building. The silence around me meant everyone else was obviously thinking along the same lines. “So, what now?” I heard someone ask behind me.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I think we have to stay. If there are still people trapped here, don’t you think we should at least try to find them?” Eve said to everyone else. I heard a murmur of agreement, meaning most of them thought the same. Suddenly, the lights flickered, before casting us into almost pitch-black. I could feel the room getting colder, as it seemed like we’d been sent into nothingness; however, the feel of the teens around me said otherwise.


I froze up, the moment I heard them. As it was coming from the other side of the room, there was no way it could be anyone in our group, meaning there was only a limited number of possibilities. Somehow, this got to me and made me crash to the floor, luckily hitting my head on some old carpet. Scarcely breathing, I could barely make out the voice coming nearer with the footsteps. “You have made a grave mistake coming here. A mistake which will result in your demise.”

As soon as the voice stopped, the lights came on, yet there was no-one there. Well, except for the group of six now standing around me. “Who was that? How did we make a grave mistake?” I said, mainly to myself. It didn’t stop everyone from looking at me like I’d finally lost it.

“Isa, what are you on about?” Rani asked me, looking slightly scared.

“What do you mean ‘what am I on about’? Those footsteps were obviously not from one of us and the voice said something about making a grave mistake.” By the look on Rani’s face, in her opinion, there were no footsteps or voices. Giving up, I attempted to stand up, as well as failing. “Whoa! Jacob, come help me.” Coming either side, Rani and Jacob helped me to stand up and walk towards the coffee table. I needed some coffee, yet the night was only starting.

If this was how I felt in the beginning, by the end of the night, I would need something a hell of a lot stronger.


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