Let's go back in time

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*Based on a true story*
The main character, Danna Russo tells the story from her present point of view. She retells her past, and the memories and dreams she lived in what she considered her golden years. When she was 16, and when she met true love in one of the members of the now globally famous band "Five seconds of summer". She recalls how her, and her lovers life was before all the fame and recognition, and explains how her present actions influenced her future.

"If I wouldn't of been so stupid, I would of probably be married to Ashton Irwin in real life today" -Danna Russo


8. Ch.7

"I'm terribly sorry for the mess, I didn't know I was going to have a guest tonight haha" Ashton said scratching his head. "It's okay haha, it's not even that bad" I said. It was almost going to be 1 a.m. And I wasn't a bit sleepy. I kept thinking of everything that had happened today, and I still couldn't believe all that happened today. "Do you want to go to sleep now? I can make the bed for you" Ashton said. I honestly just wanted to rest my body, although I wasn't sleepy I said yes because I was tired. But I was a bit confused, was Ashton going to sleep with me? I wondered. We started making Ashton's bed, and I kinda cleaned up a bit of stuff he had all over the floor. "Ready Danna, you'll sleep here in my bed and I'll sleep on that couch" Ashton said. "No way Ashton, you can take your bed and I'll sleep there" I said. "Haha no really, I don't mind sleeping on the couch your my guest for tonight you take the bed, I wouldn't mind if you shared a pillow with me though" Ashton said laughing as he laid in the couch. "Haha here" I grabbed a pillow and one of the two blankets he had in his bed, and I gave it to him. "Danna can I just ask you for a big favor?" He said. "Sure Ashton whatever you need, what is it?" I said. "I'd prefer my mom doesn't know a girl spent a night here in my room tonight. We know we're not doing anything bad but my moms a bit paranoid" he said scratching his head. "The door is locked so she's not going to be able to come in, but if she knocks and comes in, just make sure to hide in the closet haha" Ashton said. "Haha okay she won't find out I spent the night here I promise" I said. "Great, I'm sorry for that, well think of something better tomorrow. Goodnight Danna hope you have a good night sleep" Ashton said smiling and looking at me. "Goodnight Ashton, thank you again for everything I have no words to describe how thankful I am for everything you're doing, goodnight and sweet dreams" I said.


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