Let's go back in time

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*Based on a true story*
The main character, Danna Russo tells the story from her present point of view. She retells her past, and the memories and dreams she lived in what she considered her golden years. When she was 16, and when she met true love in one of the members of the now globally famous band "Five seconds of summer". She recalls how her, and her lovers life was before all the fame and recognition, and explains how her present actions influenced her future.

"If I wouldn't of been so stupid, I would of probably be married to Ashton Irwin in real life today" -Danna Russo


6. Ch.5: I found love in him

"Haha it was a shame that they had to close the restaurant on us! I was having such a great time!" Ashton said still laughing. "Right! Haha did you see the faces the owners had when we started dancing? I think about it and I want to laugh again" I said. "I know they probably wanted us to leave like 2 hours earlier than we actually did haha!" Ashton said laughing. "Honestly I hadn't had such a great night in a long time, thank you" Ashton said while opening his door car for me. "No Ashton, thank you!" I exclaimed. "You turned this day around for me, I have no words to explain how thankful I am for what you did & continue doing for me, you are honestly amazing" I said trying to hold my tears. "Oh it's nothing really, I'm glad I helped, and thank you but I ain't all that amazing, it's just that some people take out the amazing on me, people like you" Ashton said softly with a smirk on his face. He started driving, I couldn't resist not looking at him. I felt like a creeper but the feeling he lighted on me was just incredible. He looked so gorgeous driving, he looked gorgeous smiling, he looked gorgeous doing all the little things he did. I was honestly and truly amazed by that guy, not even a day of meeting him and he already inspired me all these amazing feelings. A song in the radio was playing and I remember the exact song and the exact moment like it was yesterday. "Can't take my eyes of you" was the song, a beautiful oldie. My gosh that song, and his sight, made my whole body tremble, my stomach felt like it had a million butterflies dancing inside it, why am I feeling like this? I couldn't explain it to myself... So I just kept looking. I was probably pretty obvious about it, since he noticed, he looked at me and asked with that beautiful smile of his slightly curling his lip, "Haha you're staring at the bad side of my face, the left is much nicer" he said with a sassy tone. I didn't know what to say, my god he caught me looking at him he must think I'm a creeper now. "I wasn't staring at you!" "It just caught my attention to see how concentrated you look when you drive" I said nervously, I could think of anything better. Ashton laughing said, "well those faces you saw are probably the most serious faces you will ever see on me". "Hey but talking about seriousness, why did you decide to run away? What made you leave everything behind? I mean if it's okay to ask" Ashton said with a serious tone.

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